The Clippers

Lesley Ranagala Mawatha, Borella, Colombo

So the Sri Lankan Air Force runs a salon in Borella. Yep, sounds cool and weird, but it's actually quite ordinary - they do haircuts, styling, facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and wedding stuff.

So the Sri Lankan Air Force runs a salon in Borella. Yep, sounds cool and weird (we think Hair Force would have been a cooler name than Clippers tbh), but it's actually quite ordinary - they do haircuts, styling, facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and wedding stuff.

We went for a haircut, manicure and pedicure. If you're heading here for a do-over make sure you're listening to the Danger Zone on your music player to help you really get into it.


The salon is down Lesley Ranagala Mawatha, a narrow road opposite Lady Ridgeway Hospital. Tell your tuk-tuk driver to go to the Air Force camp. The Clippers is on Air Force campus grounds although it's open to the public as well, so you'll come across men and women in blue uniform at the reception desk.


The folks at the salon are super friendly - they even called up a tuk-tuk guy to take us back to the main road when we were done. The manicure lady and the hair stylist were polite and attentive.

What you get


You can get a decent haircut for Rs. 400 here, blow drying and wax styling included. Manicures and pedicures are for about Rs. 1000. The manicure and pedicure were alright - I felt a bit bad that this lady had to cut my nails and touch my feet - little bit awkward also. Your nails are scrubbed and filed as per usual, but there's also a relaxing massage that's included.

She applied sweet-smelling Sugarcane Scrub on my hands, and also some fragrant moisturizer labelled 'bio glow' with loads of vitamins in it on my feet and arms for a brief massage. The tiny instruments used to neaten out your nails can make you a little uncomfortable though, since they're sharp and those edges on your toes and fingers are sensitive. The filers used on your feet are unbearable if you're ticklish. The nail treatment also includes nail polish if you ask for it. They need to rethink their seating though - you have to lean over in your seat the whole time to get your manicure.



It's a good place to go get a haircut, massage or manicure if you're in the neighborhood, or in the Air Force.


Bring a book or your music - watching someone scrutinize your foot or hand for an hour can get boring. Also if you get hungry the camp has a little kadey next to the salon that has cheap shorteats and juices.


Lesley Ranagala Mawatha, Borella, Colombo


Find Lady Ridgeway Hospital before Campbell Park, cross over to the lane opposite it - Lesley Ranagala Mawatha - and take one of the tuks at the top of this lane to the Air Force camp.


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Open 8 AM to 8 PM Daily

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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