The Cloud Kitchen by CHM

A venture by COi by Vichalya, The Cloud Kitchen by CHM is a delivery based rice & curry spot.

The Cloud Kitchen by CHM is an aptly named cloud kitchen that belongs to COi by Vichalya. They do all-day rice and curry, and a bunch of other dishes - salads, sandwiches, and pasta to name a few. 

How To Order

As of now, they're available on PickMe Food and Uber Eats from 10.30 in the morning. It's a set menu, so you don't get a say in what curries you want with your rice, but you can pick the protein according to your preference. 

Rice & Curry

In our review, we looked at their speciality - rice & curry. We ordered three of them - Chicken Rice & Curry (Rs. 360), Beef Rice & Curry (Rs. 360) and Kochchi Karawala (Rs. 340). Neatly packaged in reusable plastic containers, all of them were packed to the brim and shared the same rice base and veg-curries.

Our Chicken Rice & Curry featured a mound of fluffy yellow rice, accompanied with curried parippu, kesel muwa, kekiri, carrot sambol and a hefty piece of chicken. 

The yellow rice wasn't oily and had a mild seasoning, making for the perfect base for all the curry flavours. Oozing out with a nice peppery kick, the chicken was excellently prepared, and the parippu balanced it out by being a milky delight. The kesel muwa had a lot of curry notes to savour, while the carrot sambol added a good crunch. 

Generally, I don't like cooked kekiri, but my lunch partners seemed to enjoy it. However, something that lends a tang - perhaps a mango/amberella curry could have made this buth pettiya even more successful. 
They do some superb Beef curry. Chewy, yet beautifully tendered up, these chunks of beef were wrapped in a chockfull of spices. The beefy flavour nicely emerged through, while the curry notes enhancing its taste even more.

Lured by the promise of kochchi in karawala, we enjoyed this Kochchi Karawala Rice & Curry. The distinct aroma of kochchi was in the mix and bits of it too, but in terms of flavour, we'd have preferred a stronger presence. 


It's a good option for lunch if you're too lazy to step out. The curry-to-rice ratio is quite good here, as they offer generous servings of them. From what we gathered, they're working on a breakfast menu too, which is something that we're fully stoked about.