The Cuisine Colombo

19 New Parliament Rd, Battaramulla

A restaurant down Parliament Road with great food that takes inspiration from different culinary fares.

The Pelawatte/ Battaramulla strip is sprouting with new dining spots, and most of them are quite affordable too. This time around, we checked out The Cuisine Colombo, a resto down Parliament Road that offers some great food that takes inspiration from different cuisines.

Food & Drinks

We spotted a massive menu featuring a variety of sandwiches, pasta, steaks, wraps, kottu, and rice & curry, and in terms of drinks, they make fresh juices. 

This Four Cheese Penne Pasta (Rs. 750) is every turophile's dream. Made with Paneer, Ricotta, Parmesan and Mozzarella, the cream sauce here was thick, rich and flavoursome. It's a heavy portion if you have a friend to share it with.

Served with a portion of steamed veggies, grilled tomato and potato wedges, the Filet Mignon (Rs. 1490) was sublime! I wish we weren't in a hurry to dig into this, because if it wasn't for that, we'd have a picture of its cross-section.

Glazed with a Red Wine Sauce, the steak was done medium-rare, just how we asked for it. The beef was tender, soft, juicy and had a wonderful way of pulling apart so effortlessly. With a little bit of crisp on the outside, and beautifully pink in the middle, it's basically layers and layers of texture and flavour. 

Garlicky and well peppered up, the Red Wine Sauce was spot on too.
Our dessert was this Caramel Pudding (Rs. 150), which is probably the best Caramel Pudding I've had to date. Creamy, milky and with just the right amount of sweetness, it had the perfect shade of caramel. Fantastic! 

*Pictured above - Passion fruit Juice (left), Watermelon Juice (right)

Both of the juices we got were incredible. Priced at Rs. 200 each, the Passion fruit and Watermelon juices were quite refreshing and low on sugar, allowing the natural flavours to seep through easily. 

Ambience & Service

The space here is a bit tight, but we adore the effort they've made to make it nice and comfortable. Well air-conditioned and neatly arranged with wooden tables and cushy chairs, the ambience here suits the casual family/friends dinner/lunch outings.

Despite being new, the staff is friendly and quite good at what they do. Our order was taken quickly and delivered to our table within around 20 minutes. Impressive!


We loved our experience at The Cuisine Colombo. They do a wonderful job in crafting up many interesting treats that do not drill a hole in your wallet. One should definitely add this to their list of places to check out, especially if they live in the area.