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The Daily Staple

42, Dutugemunu St, Pamankada

The Daily Staple is a restaurant adjoining High Octane Fitness Gym in Pamankada.

A resto adjoining High Octane Fitness in Pamankada, The Daily Staple has got some superb food, curated for both health-conscious folks and its opposite kind. 


The food menu at The Daily Staple covers a range of stuff. On the healthy side, they've got soups, salads, grilled goodies and a few keto-based meals, while the rest is comprised of fried rice, burgers, pasta and noodles. They also do all-day brunch. 

They had added a Lankan twist to the Chicken Corn Soup (Rs. 500), by infusing a dash of chilli flakes to it. This picture does not do justice to the amount of chicken it had, as all that lies in the bottom of the bowl along with the sweet corn. With a subtle wave of spiciness running through, every spoonful was packed with chicken-y flavour, while the bits of spring onions and sweet corn adding a playful crunch. I tried the Egg Fried Rice (Rs. 700) with the Chicken addon (Rs. 250). Fluffy and well-cooked, the basmati was nicely seasoned with bits of carrots, spring onions, egg, some pepper and chilli flakes. There was a smokey, wok-fried aroma spreading through the rice grains, and we're quite happy with how it was loaded with pieces of grilled chicken. Plus, it wasn't too oily, and the portion size is easily enough to fill up two hungry adults.

My partner tried the Grilled Norwegian Salmon (Rs. 1950). Beautifully orangy in colour, this fillet of Norwegian Salmon was grilled to perfection - to the point that it easily breaks off to chunks, while the top layer was firm and had a slight crisp.

Topped off with their in-house garlic caper butter and served with steamed veggies and sauteed corn, this is one brilliantly executed dish. 

Our dessert was this chocolate sauce drizzled Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 450) which was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a strawberry. Unfortunately, it wasn't chocolaty or fudgy as we would have liked. There were bits of cashew nuts aiding the flavour, but in comparison to a lot of brownies we've gobbled down over the years, this one was just all right. 


As for drinks, The Daily Staple has an array of coffee, milkshakes, tea, smoothies, healthy juices, fresh juices and also soft drinks. We opted for the Cafe Latte (Rs. 450), and Avocado Juice (Rs. 350). 

With a strong coffee punch emerging through the milk, the flavour of the Cafe Latte was a lot similar to a Cappuccino, but we didn't mind. The milk could be a tad velvetier, but aside from that, it was a good cup of coffee. 

The Avocado Juice was absolutely refreshing. Deliciously creamy and rich with the said fruit, there was a ripple of sweetness spreading through the drink, which didn't overpower the avocado flavour. Plus, we assume that sweetness is drawn from kitul treacle, which makes things even more interesting. 

Ambience & Service 

Spacious enough to accommodate at least a few dozen people, the ambience at The Daily Staple is calm and cosy. The seating setting varies from comfy couches to cushy chairs, which has given this relaxing vibe to it.

In terms of service, the staff was quite welcoming and incredibly helpful. We had to wait for around 20 - 30 for our food, but aside from that, our experience here was quite smooth. 


The Daily Staple is a nice addition to the restaurant scene in the area. Given that they have the option of going healthy, makes it even more special. We highly suggest you try them out. 

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