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The Donut Delight

252, Hospital RD, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

A home baker that makes delightful doughnuts and takes custom orders as well.

The Donut Delight is a home baker that makes quality doughnuts. They've flying under the radar for a while, so here they are. On a rainy Friday, we jumped on the opportunity to grab some sweet pastries and boost our moods.

How To

You can reach out to them through Instagram/ Facebook or WhatsApp (077 737 6416). They seem quite happy to take customised orders too and is pretty flexible and polite when it comes to handling orders if you reach out to them directly.

You can get a few other desserts from them as well, but we decided to stick to just doughnuts.


Our choices boiled down to, Nutty Crunch Doughnut (Rs. 200), Brownie Doughnut (Rs. 250), KitKat Doughnut (Rs. 250), Sugar Coated Doughnut (Rs. 175), Nutella Surprise Doughnut (Rs. 225), Double Delight Doughnut (Rs. 175).

When it comes to the pasty they more or less use the same base for all the doughnuts. The dough was deep-fried to have a thin layer of crisp on the outside with a moist and soft inside. They were a tad more doughy than fluffy and didn't have much in the way of sweetness in the dough. 

Top - Nutty Crunch, left - KitKat Donut, right - Brownie Donut

The Nutty Crunch Doughnut came with the decently thick chocolate layer holding the cashews together. It wasn't too chocolaty and had just enough sweetness with cashews adding a fun crunch.

One of the eye-catching ones in the bunch was the KitKat Doughnut with halves of KitKat neatly laid on chocolate glaze littered with colourful sugar beads. The chocolate base was somewhat thick here. The KitKat, while adding to the overall texture with a hint of biscuit, also spiked up the sugariness of the bite. Even though the sugar beads added a colourful sophisticated look to the pastry, they were sometimes too hard to bite in, but otherwise, it was a smooth soft mouthful of goodness. We feel this one will do well with a kid who enjoys the colourful looks and the eventful texture.

Another very colourful one was the Brownie Doughnut, with a piece of brownie sitting on top of the decorated white chocolate glaze. The main colour is white rather than the expected brown, but expectations aside it was rather eye-catching. The brownie is somewhat harder than gooey, but we can give it a pass here. Just wish there was more of it - we love brownies after all. We could detect a hint of milky flavour with a bit of silkiness coming from the white chocolate. 

Ever eaten the chocolate cream off the chocolate biscuit and left the biscuit? We had the same urge here to just eat the brownie. But luckily the rest of the doughnut was smooth and tasted good too so we finished it as well.

Left - Sugar Coated Donut, right - Nutella Surprise, bottom - Double Delight

Less is more is clear when you try the Sugar Coated Doughnut. They had dusted the doughnut with a sprinkle of sugar, and not icing sugar, which added to the texture. It was just enough sugariness to bring out the goodness of the soft, moist insides of the pastry and its deep-fried outer layer. This made way to a simple, delightful doughnut that felt rather balanced and light.

It seemed like Nutella Surprise Doughnut got a bit upset with us since we didn't eat it right away and had shrunk down. The dough here didn't seem consistent with the other pastries when it comes taking a back seat in flavour as it had a bit of a burnt vibe that we weren't the fans of.  They could have remedied with Nutella but even that was not enough. We think they can improve here.

Double Delight was essentially the combo of White and Dark chocolate on a doughnut. As they don't have this listed on UberEats, we requested this straightly from the kitchen. The white chocolate part carried a silky, and milky flavour and the dark chocolate had a bitter note that stood out. Both of the flavours were paired so nicely with the dough and we enjoyed them very much.


We feel they have a few things here and there to polish up and can easily do even better. Price-wise they are not cheap, but they are using quality ingredients and preparing them with creativity and love. For the quality, The Donut Delight is quite a good option to grab some good desserts for yourself or for a party.


252, Hospital RD, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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Sweets Doughnuts

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