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The Doughnuttery

Homemade donuts delivered right to your doorstep.

Vishvi and I have been craving some doughnuts for a while and we figured we might as well cover one of the many home bakers that seemed to have gained popularity through social media. The Doughnuttery seemed to have the biggest variety of flavours, so we placed our order.

How to Order

It's pretty simple. You drop them a message on Facebook or Instagram with your order and they will deliver. Minimum order is 6 doughnuts. They charged Rs. 250 as the delivery charge to our office.

The Doughnuts

They have a wide range of mini and regular doughnuts like Galaxy, Panda, Chocolate Bomb, Coffee, PB&J etc. We tried out 6 mini doughnuts. 

*Pictured above: PB&J, Galaxy and Double Chocolate

Although they were supposed to be mini doughnuts, it looked like regular doughnuts. All the doughnuts were the same and they didn't taste anything more than a cake so that was very disappointing. As for the toppings,

  • The PB&J (Rs. 250) was alright. The peanut butter they have used was the crunchy flavour which didn't combine well and they have used jam instead of jelly. It didn't taste particularly bad, but that's just not what we paid for.
  • The Galaxy Doughnut (Rs. 160) wasn't any better because the glaze on top tasted way too synthetic. 
  • The Double Chocolate (Rs. 160) was again underwhelming. It wasn't chocolatey enough to begin with, let alone be "double chocolate".

*Pictured above: Unicorn, Cookie Monster, Sugar
  • The Unicorn (Rs. 160) tasted great, mainly because of the milkmaid topping they have used. If you love milkmaid, I highly recommend this.
  • The Cookie Monster (Rs. 200) was probably my personal favorite (my threshold wasn't that high) because of the Oreo bits and the chocolate chip cookies they have used. Combined with the blue icing glaze and the chocolate inside, it was a delicious treat.
  • The Sugar Doughnut (Rs. 130) was our least favorite. First of all, we expected granulated sugar since that is the most unique feature of a sugar doughnut but all we got was a doughnut with a dusting of icing sugar. 

If you look at the cross-section you can see the texture of the doughnut itself and that looks more like a cake, as opposed to the puffy layered dough you would expect from a deep-fried doughnut. We presume these were baked, not fried.


The doughnuts were delivered on time with no trouble and we didn't run into any trouble while placing the order too. Safe to say, their service is great.


Needless to say, I don't find myself ordering these again because not only do they not they taste like doughnuts, the toppings have made very little contribution as well. 


They're closed on Tuesdays and Sundays.
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