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The Escape

224 Lake Dr, Colombo 08

Your instant getaway from all the chatter and noise that is city life.

Behind some seemingly normal looking house down Lake Drive in Colombo 08, lies The Escape, a source of some incredible food and well-brewed coffee, served in the most gorgeous ambience. 


It's like a world within a world, really. Idyllic, hidden and secluded, it's your instant escapism away from all the chatter and noise in the city life.

Overlooking the Royal Colombo Golf Club Grounds lies their shaded, green-hued backyard, accompanied by a patio. There was a drizzle of rain and a soothing swirl of cold breeze, which for a minute made me feel like I'm somewhere in Nuwara Eliya.
The indoor dining space is comprised of vintage wooden tables and chairs, which suits well for proper family-style dinners.
When the weather is not so unkind, isn't this perfect for a candlelight dinner?

Food & Drinks

Upon our arrival, a staff member provided us with this laminated card with a QR code that led us to their menu. Super convenient!

Comprised of hot/cold beverages (coffee, milkshakes and juices), a couple of wines, kottu, some Asian delicacies, salads, soups, sandwiches, and a few grilled-based dishes, it's a diversified menu, which gives you a bunch of options to choose from.

The Seafood Nasi goreng (Rs. 1000) was a hearty portion of well-seasoned rice served with a bullseye egg, a small, devilled crab, and a few papadums.

Packed with the flavours of the sea, it was a spicy, aromatic affair. Not a bite went by without a piece of prawns, cuttlefish or whitefish - it was that rich. Every grain of basmati rice was laced with a chockful of spices, which made it absolutely fiery and delicious. The only down-side of this meal was the slight oiliness we spotted in the rice, but hey, we're not complaining.

Plus, the portion itself is easily enough for two!
Priced at Rs. 1200, this Grilled Chicken was placed on a bed of beetroot-infused mashed potatoes, and a serving of boiled veggies.

I know that this picture doesn't quite say it, but trust me, it was a feast for the eyes, as much as for the tastebuds. The meat had the perfect touch from the grill, creating layers and layers of flavour and texture - a crispy, caramelised exterior and a positively juicy, fall-off-the-bone soft middle, oozing out with a lovely smoky note. There was a heap of sauce which leant on the tangy side, which didn't take away its meaty flavours. 

Buttery and with just the right amount of lumps, the beetroot infused mashed potato added an elegant touch to the meal.

And guess what? You can grab a slice of September's finest brownies from The Escape. We had the Red Velvet Brownie (Rs. 450) - a red-hued chunk of fudgy, squishy moist chocolaty goodness. Brilliant!
At the moment, The Escape brews up some fine cups of coffee using Temple Grounds coffee beans. We tried the Flat White (Rs. 350), which ticked all the right boxes. Presented with a lovely microfoam layer glammed up with some pretty coffee art, it had strong coffee punch emerging through.
There was a heavy layer of dark chocolate lying on the bottom of this Double Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 650), which made every sip so darn rich. Make sure to stir it up really well before drinking. 


The happy staff at The Escape was absolutely welcoming and helpful, from the moment we stepped into the restaurant to the minute we left.


The Escape, with its well-curated menu, picturesque ambience and warm hospitality, gets the full points from us. Whether it be a family dinner/lunch, intimate dinner, or just a few minutes to collect your thoughts, this place is ideal.

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Lovely place. Good food and drinks.





Lovely place. Good food and drinks.

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