Pegasus Reef (Restaurant)

Palliyawatta, Wattala

A city hotel in the depths of Wattala. Rather nice place, but mediocre food and service.

Edit: We were under the impression that this was The Fishery (also at Pegasus) and reviewed it as such. It turns out that this is their Open Air Restaurant and not The Fishery — which is newer. My bad, sorry! We've fixed it now, though.


We've had Pegasus on our to-review list for quite a while now. Given that it's in the depths of Wattala, we haven't actually been able to drop in until recently, when a friend and I went by for dinner and were awed at how nice the place looked at night. Large, spacious lobbies, warm yellow light — more of a quiet luxury hotel than a busy city hotel.

We asked where the restaurant was and the guy at the lobby directed us downstairs — So we made our way to it.

Food and Service

After being seated for about fifteen minutes and making small talk, we finally resorted to flailing our hands about in an attempt to get the attention of the waitstaff. One eventually walked over and handed us a drinks and food menu, of which I picked a fresh orange juice (which was rather exorbitantly priced at Rs 500 a glass) and my friend opted for a mocktail concocted of ginger, soda, and orange (christened 'Sweet Dream', and priced at Rs 400).

The juice was good, nothing remarkable. It was a well-made orange juice but most definitely not something worth Rs 500. The mocktail wasn't balanced well enough though, and was really strong (in a not-nice way). We couldn't finish it.

A (not so) short delay later, our soup arrived. 'Fresh Tomato Cappuccino', it didn't come with the toasted and sliced ciabatta, nor did I get any hint of olive oil — but it was good as far as a tomato soup goes.

Creamy, warm and flavoursome, we liked this.

After waiting a while longer, the food finally arrived. My Fish N Chips (Rs. 900) was a very large and generous portion.

Not your traditional batter-fried fish and chips, this was two huge slices of succulent fish rolled and fried in breadcrumbs and accompanied by a side of average fries. The tartar sauce was legit, and while the fish was good it's not exactly what you expect when you order fish and chips.

My friend ordered a Seared Hawaiian Pork Chop (Rs. 925) and he liked the BBQ sauce. There was a bit of pineapple going on in keeping up with the 'Hawaiian', but the pork was a tad rubbery and required some effort to cut through.

We also liked the vegetables, as soggy as they were.


A spacious outdoor seating area with very dim lighting, it's cozy and you get a really nice breeze from the beach which is somewhere nearby. 

They had a Calypso band as well, so you have live music and singing happening as three people stand right over your table as you eat.


Pegasus seems to be a nice place with friendly people, but the service (while admittedly friendly) is terribly slow and the food is not worth going back for. We wouldn't really recommend it, unless you happen to be staying there and need to eat because there doesn't seem to be anything else in the neighbourhood given how removed it is from stores and kadeys.


Palliyawatta, Wattala


Turn into the Kerawalapitiya Road from Hendala and follow the Pegasus signboards to Prithipura Road. Go almost all the way down until you reach the hotel.



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