The Flavours by Doc

No. 100 Thalawathugoda Road, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

Delicious real Indian food to taste at a peaceful small comfortable dining area

Flavours by Doc is a new restaurant that I've been passing on my way home for a few months now, but never bothered to stop by. At a glance, it looks like an ordinary, a level above-Pilawoos kinda establishment, but it turned out to be a wonderful spot that does some incredibly good Indian food. 

Food & Drinks

Flavours by Doc has both South Indian and North Indian delicacies - varying from biriyani and rotis to veg/non-veg curries and dosa, as well as a range of Sri Lankan Chinese-style dishes.

As per the recommendation of our server, we got the Mutton Rogan Josh (Rs. 900), Butter Naan (Rs. 150) and Garlic Naan (Rs. 150). 

Well flavoured with a good dose of spices, garlic, ginger and coriander, the Mutton Rogan Josh was hella aromatic, deliciously spicy, and had a subtle sweetness swirling through. You can taste how rich this gravy is, even by biting into a piece of mutton. It paired up very well with the warmly served naan.

Both of the rotis were fresh, had a slight crisp to the bite, and tasted good. We were instantly drawn to the Garlic Naan, simply because of the strong garlic aroma it had. The buttery touch on the Butter Naan was spot on too. 

The Flavours Special Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 750) was a good portion for the said price. There was a heap of well-cooked, fluffy basmati rice, topped off with caramelised onions, a boiled egg, and four pieces of chicken that resemble the flavours of tandoori, but not quite alike. It's their own recipe, not the Hyderabadi (or any other kind) that one would usually come across in other Indian restaurants, but still, we're not complaining.

The rice was a bit oily for our liking but well spiced-up, and so was the chicken. Gorgeously red in colour, it had a slight smokiness to boot, and the caramelised onions added a bit of sweetness. 

To wash everything down, we got a Masala Chai (Rs. 200). A frothy, velvety treat with potent hints of cardamom, cloves and cinnamon seeping through, this one was a little too sweet, but we didn't mind. 

Ambience & Service

They've got a very simple seating arrangement with red and yellow coloured, plastic chairs and tables, and the whole place is well-air conditioned. It's nothing fancy, but is clean, and well maintained.

The staff was quite helpful. If you're unable to make a choice of curry to go with your naan, they'll happily assist you.


We regret not stepping into Flavours by Doc sooner, because our experience here was a pleasant surprise. The total bill came to just Rs. 2150, and it's a solid meal for that price, considering the flavour and portion sizes. We recommend! 


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