The Grill (Kingsbury Hotel)

The Kingsbury, Colombo 01

An elegant dining space that serves up steaks, grills, and more.

As the name suggests The Grill takes pork, chicken, seafood, and beef and well, grills them up. If you want to satisfy those meaty cravings, this is the place to go — but with a full wallet.

Food and Service

The service is exceptional from the moment you step in — the waitstaff are on their feet and constantly around, and are quite smooth and efficient.  From guiding you to your seats, recommending dishes, refilling your glasses and checking if everything is to your satisfaction, the waitstaff are superbly trained.

Handling the menu is a bit of a clunky affair as it's presented on a wooden board: but it's a unique experience. There are plenty of pork dishes, one duck option, and a few chicken, beef, and salmon choices.

We started off with Chicken Teriyaki Skewers and got two succulent pieces of superbly flavoured chicken wedged between diced capsicums and onions. Glazed just right and with a hint of sweetness from both the teriyaki sauce and the grilled vegetables, the Rs. 650 price tag seems justified.

For mains, we got a Rib-eye Steak (Rs. 2200) and a Grilled Scottish Salmon at Rs. 2100. Most mains are above Rs. 1000, with only two options below that.

The salmon was lightly grilled and seared, and paired with a lot of creamy mashed potato, a light lemony sauce, and a few grilled veggies. The portion was quite large and filling, and dipped in the sauce, the salmon was lovely.

Sadly though, the steak was nothing to write home about. On the plus side it was large and more than enough for one person especially after the starters, but on the down side, it was just a slab of beef that was well done as opposed to the requested medium rare.

Neither did it look very appetizing as it appeared colourless and bland, with the only colour going across it was where the heated grill cut through. It looked (and tasted) like it had first been boiled and then placed on a grill. This came with a side of chunky fries deep fried in cheese, which were quite crunchy and good, albeit extremely filling.

On the other hand, we really loved the Lychee Cooler and Tender Berry. Mixed with fresh orange juice, the lychee cooler was refreshing with a pleasant lychee aftertaste. My favourite was the Tender Berry, which was a concoction of milk, ginger, and strawberry. I know this sounds like a weird combination, but it was amazing! Both drinks were priced at Rs. 600.


With two dining sections — an airconditioned and much dimmer indoor area, and a glass-enclosed sunny area overlooking the sea — the Grill is uncluttered, spotless, and spacious. The indoor area is only if you opt for the buffet though, and the outer seating area is for the a la carte option. We chose the latter, and while loved the ambience, the midday glare gets too harsh and bright when you're there for lunch. Going there for drinks at sunset and an early dinner is a much wiser choice.


With great drinks, quite good food, and superb service, this is a place you'd take someone you want to impress. The prices are predictably on the high end with appetizers going for around Rs. 600 upwards and mains around Rs. 2000 on average, so this is more for a special occasion or indulgence. However, keep taxes in mind: our sub total was Rs. 6150 but it escalated to Rs. 8012 with tax.


Remember to keep an eye out for the taxes.