The Hideout

Yaddehimulla Rd, Unawatuna

One of the best picks for Mexican food in Una.

A hidden treasure of a spot in Unawatuna, The Hideout does some superb Mexican treats in their very hipster-like resto. It's slightly expensive than the rest of the establishments around, and from what we observed, quite popular among tourists than the locals. 


The Battered Shrimp Taco (Rs. 1200) was served as a portion of three soft shell tacos. Each taco featured around 4/5 fat, juicy prawns encased in a thin layer of batter along with lime coriander fresca, cilantro, cabbage, avocado, mayo and spicy mango-pineapple pickle. 

It was a lot of flavours to taste but in a very balanced manner. Packed with prawny goodness and a creamy feel from avocado, there was a lovely herby touch from all the leaves, a little crunch as well, and a sweet, spicy, sour and fruity zing contributed by the pickle. The soft, thin shell made it easy for the filling to boast these flavours so effortlessly. 

The Mexican Bowl (Rs. 1450), was a bowlful of everything one would love about Mexico. You have the option of going with shredded chicken or pulled pork, and we opted for the former. 

Presented with tomatillo rice, guacamole, pico de Gallo salsa, street corn salsa, chopped up lettuce, cabbage, plantain chips, and shredded chicken, it was very pleasing to the eye, with a heap of colours, textures and flavours. 

The shredded chicken had a sprinkle of chilli flakes and the rice was infused with tomato as promised, while the veggies were fresh and crunchy. They serve some excellent plantain chips here. Crispy and seasoned well, they were a treat to munch on. The overall flavour leant on the tangy side, with a light spicy punch in it. We highly recommend mixing all of them together like you do with a harvest bowl and making good use of the salsa and guacamole. 


The Hideout serves an array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We went with The Hideout Hydrator (Rs. 400) and The Hideout Tequila Kombucha (Rs. 1200). 

Adding extra depth to the usual flavour profile of the regular coconut water, The Hideout Hydrator had slices of cucumber and orange swimming about, alongside pomegranate and mint leaves. They had infused the coconut water with a shot of lime juice; giving a bit of sour kick to the overall flavour while being refreshing as hell.

We're pretty sure this one works out well as a hangover cure too. 

The Hideout makes their own kombucha, and some great ones at that, which we could taste from this glass of Tequila Kombucha. The basic tart and mildly sweet flavours of the kombucha were well spiked up here, due to the generous involvement of tequila. 

Ambience & Service

This place is well hidden, and not exactly visible to the road as they're perched on the 2nd floor of The Hideout lodging. We followed the Google Map directions and found a blackboard stating the name of the restaurant, along with a flight of stairs. 

With an assortment of old-timey wooden tables and chairs, the interior here nicely adds up to the whole chilled-out vibe it has. It's not airconditioned, but they've got a bunch of giant fans that helps to cool down the place. 

We were the only locals in the room, but despite that, we didn't run into any issues with their service. They took a bit of time to give us the bill, but aside from that, they were quite efficient. It was almost empty when we walked in, but we could spot a full-house situation by the time we walked out, which sort of explains why they took time with the bill. 


Absolutely one of the solid choices to enjoy some good Mexican-style dishes in Una. They give good portions and delightful flavours in the most relaxing atmosphere. We loved it. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re


Yaddehimulla Rd, Unawatuna


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