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The Islandic (Flamingo House)

Delivery only

The Islandic is a virtual kitchen by Flamingo House, that delivers some superb lamprais, burgers and kalupol pork.

A virtual kitchen by Flamingo House, The Islandic does some awesome, classic Lankan treats with a twist. Their menu is specifically curated for delivery but given how we were unaware of it by the time we dropped by, the manager and staff were quite happy to accommodate us.
You can easily get them delivered too, without having to hustle your way to Horton Place.


They've got packets of yellow rice & curry, lamprais and kottu, as well as a range of super interesting burgers. Almost everything here is priced under Rs. 1000, and they're served in decently-sized portions - so it's value for money.

Lured by the strong whiff of seafood-y goodness, the Crab & Cheese Kottu (Rs. 850) was delish. The finely chopped roti pieces were lavished with a mix of spices, green chillies, onions, curry leaves and crabmeat, making every bite so rich. In the middle of the kottu, it's all melted mozzarella oozing out to make a creamy, flavourful mess. A dash of pepper in the mix would have made it even better. 

The Pork Lamprais (Rs. 800) gets our resounding approval! Messy in the best way possible, it featured the usual elements you'd see in a Lankan lamprais - ash plantain, brinjal moju, seeni sambol, and kalupol pork wedged in a serving of chicken-stock cooked samba rice, and a cutlet on the side. 
Fluffy and aromatic, the rice was perfect, and the accompaniments were brilliantly executed too. The seeni sambol and brinjal moju gave the sweet kicks, the ash plantain was a creamy delight, while the cutlet had a crispy shell with a deliciously fishy stuffing inside. 
We absolutely enjoyed the kalupol pork here. It comes with a lot of meaty pieces, and not just fatty cuts, all wrapped in a chockfull of spices. Peppery, yet with a lot of curry flavour to boot, it was well cooked, soft, and absolutely rich.
All in all, it's one fine dance of flavours, while the leafy aroma added by the banana leaf made everything so irresistible. 

We also ordered this separate portion of Kalupol pork to go. For just Rs. 300, it's a solid deal. This one with some kadey paan/roti/paratha is one of the best combos you can hope for. 

Our Bacon, Egg and Pol Sambol Burger (Rs. 800) came with a side of chunky, well-seasoned potato wedges. Neatly stacked inside a soft burger bun, there was a bed of pol sambol, topped off with a sliced up boiled egg and good ol bacon. A smokey, savoury, and salty treat. 

Gently touched with butter and grilled to perfection, the bun itself had a really nice crisp to it, which made everything heaps better. Unlike most burgers we usually come across, this bun was capable of handling all those components without spilling them all over. 


The Islandic by Flamingo House is a total win. Their food is incredible, and quite worth the money you pay for it too. Given how they're available for delivery makes it even more convenient. We recommend! 

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