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The Kids Warehouse

25 Visakha Road, Colombo 05,

A Lankanized version of Toys 'R' Us, where you get everything for kids from clothes to stationery to toys and arts and crafts products.

With generous parking space and plenty of space filled with clothes, toys, arts and crafts, and more, the Kids Warehouse is your one-stop-shop to get anything you want to present your best friend's baby or your doting nephew.


The ground floor is basically full of clothes, with a small section on the side kept aside for books and knick-knacks to prank friends and stuff.

The first floor is a bit more interesting as it has shelves upon shelves of toys — good stuff from what I could make out, Mattel's Hot Wheels, and Barbies.

Ambience and Service

It's spacious and well-lit, with the front end of it basically being half glass so there's a lot of natural light. It's a space where kids could lose themselves (and where you could potentially go broke if you take one of them along with you and they want to get whatever their hearts desire).

There's quite a lot of staff lounging around, but only one behind (one) counter, so it's a bit slow and annoying when you're trying to check out. Other than that though, they're fine.


If you want to get a bunch of stuff under one roof, check this place out. Good place to pick out gifts and treats. They've got a little collection of gummies near the check-out counter, along with gift bags and wrapping paper.


25 Visakha Road, Colombo 05,


Take a right turn into Visakha Road as you drive down Duplication Road, and you'll find the store a few metres in to your right.


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Open until 08:00 PM

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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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