The Leaf Lamprais

Home-delivered Sri Lankan Lamprais.

We got a curious email about a 'Sri Lankan style Lamprais' made with 'organic spice' according to the 'traditional Burger recipe,' and of course, had to try it out. The mail (by the business itself) said that they've been making it every Sunday for the last half a decade, getting orders via word of mouth; but that they were now expanding to supply throughout the week.

You're supposed to place your order two days in advance, though, and they deliver before noon. We got ours at 11:30 sharp.

Also, they offer three types of lamprais: vegetarian, chicken, and mixed.

The Experience

Because that's what I can call this. The lamprais was fabulous.

At first it really didn't seem like a lot of quantity. It's neatly packed, with a bit of unnecessary polythene involved, but I see how this makes it perfect for a quick and clean office lunch. 

Don't let the apparently small portion size put you off, because the serving is perfect. Just enough and more rice balanced out beautifully with superbly executed condiments. You can expect lamprais regulars here: blanchan, frikadels, ash plaintain, brinjal pahe, and chicken-stock cooked samba rice. This had the Sri Lankan addition of seeni sambol as well, and the vegetarian packet had an ala baduma and soya meat to boot.

Very much like a tight kuunisso paste, the mini-cutlet sized portion of blanchan was flavoursome and enhanced the whole meal; a meal which didn't really need enhancing because the curries were great anyway.

The meats were chopped into tiny bits but not to the point where it disintegrates, and my personal favourite was the explosive brinjal pahe — very much like a vambatu moju .

Chandana had the mixed meat one, which came with beef, chicken, and pork. His main criticism was that he wasn't able to differentiate between the pork and beef. For shame.


We were told that delivery is free, and the dude brought the lamprais all the way up to our office without me giving them directions or an address. He guessed who we were on the first call itself (which makes me assume that we were the first people Leaf reached out to after launching), so it's not like we were able to be anonymous about our order. Our 3 packets sans delivery came to Rs. 1125, with each packet being Rs. 375. Worth it? Definitely.