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The Mango Tree (GSH Colombo)

#1,382, Galle Rd, Colombo 06

The popular North Indian restaurant - The Mango Tree has branched out to GSH Colombo.

When it comes to North Indian fare in Colombo, The Mango Tree is one of the first places that pops into our mind. Just a few weeks ago they branched out to Wellawatte, by taking up residence at the long-standing GSH Colombo hotel building. And pretty much like our experience at their Colombo 07 branch, we were quite happy (and full) after our meal here. 


They've got a vast menu featuring both veg and non-veg starters, curries, rice-based specialities, desserts and rotis, so there's plenty to choose from. 

We kicked things off with this plate of Samosa Chole. Two potato samosas cut into pieces, and smothered with a blend of curried chickpeas, chopped up onions, sev and drizzled with dahi and hari (mint coriander) chutney, it was the perfect marriage between sweet and spicy. The samosa pastry had a lovely crisp, and the potato mixture was quite flavoursome too. At just Rs. 375, it's a superb starter. 

Presented in a clay pot, this Chicken Biriyani (Rs. 950) is easily enough to feed two hungry adults. Underneath that fluffy blanket of basmati lies a layer of chicken that's fiery red in colour, and oozing out with flavour. They were wrapped in a chockful of spices and masala, which we loved, but we wish if they had extended it to the rice too - as it was lacking the usual complex of flavours that one would normally expect. 

Nonetheless, we enjoyed it - especially with the gravy of the Butter Paneer Masala we ordered. 

Gorgeously orange in colour and aromatic, the Butter Paneer Masala (Rs. 825) had an incredibly creamy gravy which was packed with spices and flavours. There was a swirl of subtle sweetness running through it, while the other flavours mingled between spicy and tangy elements. 

Plentiful with chunks of milky paneer to go with every bite, we enjoyed scooping and mopping it up with some freshly made Garlic Naan (Rs. 250) and Cheese Naan (Rs. 350). 
Both of the naans were crispy, and tender to touch while flaking off to pieces so beautifully and had just the right touch from the grill. Some of the edges were a bit too burnt for our liking, but we didn't mind it as it went well with the curry. 

We enjoyed catching a whiff of garlic in the Garlic Naan, while the middle part of the Cheese naan was slightly bursting with cheese as we tear it into pieces. 

Every order at The Mango Tree is accompanied with a complimentary portion of papadum, two chutneys and some sliced up onions. 

Ambience & Service

The Mango Tree occupies the 1st floor of GSH Hotel Colombo building, where Street Foods by Punjab Grill once stood. It's the same set of wooden chairs and tables at play, and spacious enough to accommodate around 40-50 customers at a time. 

In terms of service, we didn't run into any problems. The servers were welcoming, knew the menu top to bottom, and efficient. Plus, they checked back with us a couple of times for any feedback we may have. 


The Mango Tree at GSH is quite generous with portions, and even after a filling meal, there was plenty for us to take home. If you find yourself around Wellawatte, craving for some good Indian fare, this is a solid option.