The Manhattan Fish Market

31 Deal Place, Colombo 3

The Manhattan Fish Market has delicious seafood and ridiculously friendly stuff - it's an awesome place to dine at if you can handle the bill.

Sri Lanka is home to a bunch of international franchise restaurants. Some of them are commonly found, much like your average Perera & Sons bakery. However, not all of them live up to the hype. Some of them we avoid, unless we are very broke and have no other option, or there are deals where you get these 'buy-one-get-one-free' offers. 

But we have found an exception to the above rule - The Manhattan Fish Market. It's been over 5 years since they put down their roots down Deal Place, later on at Rajagiriya, and they've been doing a fine job ever since. True, it's kinda expensive than your usual franchise restaurant, but for a good reason. Our recent experience at The Manhattan Fish Market wasn't any different than our last


We started off our meal with a Farmer's Soup (Rs.340). Hearty, oniony and garlicky, this one had a bountiful of veggies - broccoli, onions, and carrots whatnot, that you can taste in every spoonful. It was deliciously thick and a good one to awake your tastebuds before the mains. 

Sticking to the old favourites, we ordered a plate of Fish & Chips (Rs. 1190), while choosing Dory as our base. It's the least expensive option available of this kind, but if you've got some extra cash in hand, you can opt for the barramundi, cherry snapper, cod, and salmon version of it.

This one has been one of our go-to dishes at Manhattan Fish Market over the years, and even this time around it didn't fail to impress us. Two sizable Dory fillets beautifully coated with a light, crispy and golden batter, it was topped off with garlic herb sauce. What's followed after the batter was the fish, soft and with an almost creamy-like texture that flaked off into wedges as we bit into it.

The fries they served with this were crispy, sharp with just the right amount of salt, while the side salad was dressed with a tangy sauce. 

The Small Grill (Rs. 1790) had a lot to offer on the plate. Featuring a bunch of seafood - calamari, tiger prawns, and a dory fillet grilled to perfection, it was served with a delicious garlic rice, a portion of french fries, steamed veggies and a cup of hot sauce. Garlic sauce and seafood is always a good combo, and each of these seafood varieties was covered with a generous amount of it. Boosted by the spicy notes that come through the hot sauce, this one made for one fine, and absolutely filling treat. 


*Pictured above - Chocolate Milkshake (left), Melon Breeze (right)

Creamy and thick in texture, the Chocolate Milkshake (Rs. 590) was delicious and came with a massive blob of whipped cream on top, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. In terms of flavour, it was more on the milky side, as opposed to being chocolatey. Some more chocolate ice cream should do the trick. 

The Melon Breeze is your perfect drink (Rs. 390) for a sunny Colombo day. Refreshing, with citrusy hints emerging through, it was superb while the sweet strawberry syrup helps to balance out the flavours nicely. However, we couldn't quite locate the watermelon constituent in this. 

Service & Ambience

I was busy gulping down all the seafood, so forgot to take a picture of the inside of the restaurant. This picture here is over two years old but safe to say that nothing much has changed in the interior. It's the same black colour wooden-topped tables and comfortable red colour chairs and couches. 

The staff greets and bids farewell to their customers upon arrival and exit like they've been doing since always. Our food arrived within 15 minutes of ordering, which is really impressive considering the place was stuffed with customers on a Sunday evening. 


Still good and going strong. We recommend. 


The Spicy Baked Fish Rice or anything involving the Dory fish (imported from Vietnam, not from Finding Nemo) is excellent.


31 Deal Place, Colombo 3


From the Liberty Road junction head down Duplication Road, past St. Anthony's Mawatha till Deal Place. You can turn either way to park.


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