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The Music Project

Reconnecting, reconciling, The Music Project’s aim is to be the bridge and bring together two communities which were once divided, by building orchestral communities between the children of the north and south.

Music creates compassion, crosses ethnic divides and provides neutral space to meet through shared talents and skills. Like Jimi Hendrix said, If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. Reconnecting and reconciling is the aim of The Music Project and the organisation promotes peaceful co-existence in communities once divided by war  - through music. 

Children in Kurunegala and Thunukkai attend after school clubs to learn the basics of the recorder, the violin and the melodica.

The methodology is based on the mother tongue approach to language acquisition which endorses immersion, strong listening skills, and frequent practice, leading to fluency and mastery of the instrument through the Suzuki method.

The children are encouraged to perform, giving them a strong sense of confidence, self-esteem and tremendous pride in their achievements. The programme largely uses western music for the range of orchestral instruments and repertoire. The programme is delivered in English and has an English lesson component to ensure access to repertoire and orchestral participation. English functions as the link language between the project of the north and south.

While the teachers and resource persons have visited the respective projects frequently, the children worked together for the first time in August 2012 at a residential workshop and an end of session concert.

The organisation has two ongoing projects. Namely Parallel Versing and Yamaha.

Parallel Versing links schools of Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland through music, IT and English. This is a cultural education project which combines music from two different global locations and creates one final composition. Parallel Versing is currently working with four schools in Sri Lanka based in Kurunegala, Mullaitivu and four schools in Northern Ireland.

The project implemented by The Yamaha Music center works in partnership with The Music Project to introduce music to school children across Sri Lanka. The Music Project chooses a school that is keen in developing music and with the assistance of a team of school teachers, approximately hundred students are selected to participate in this program.

Each student receives a free Yamaha recorder and a lesson pack. The Music Project team conducts a teacher training workshop to all the schools. Once the workshop is completed the individual schools continue the Yamaha recorder lessons and a monthly feedback form is sent by the teacher in-charge to regulate their progression. The Music Project is supported by JICA and a recorder specialist teacher from Japan is expected in July 2014, which will develop this program further.

The objectives of this project:

  • To promote music to children across the island
  • To provide a foundation in music and enable children the choice of studying music as an academic subject
  • To improve confidence levels, take pride in their achievements and learn to be responsible individuals
  • To develop improved relationships at home, wider social networks and more shared activities between parents and children

To volunteer click here and fill out your details and to give towards The Music Project. 

To donate please send an email to and transfer funds to the following bank account -

Rs. 300 will provide a child with a recorder which is the core instrument; our northern project has just commences and recorders are an imminent requirement

Rs. 320 will pay for an English work book to ensure that they progress with English competency.

Rs. 1500 pays for milk, snacks and fruit for 70 children on the after school programme.

Rs. 1600 will buy a melodica which functions as the foundation for brass and woodwind.

Rs. 2200 will provide a child with a mini MP3 player which helps the child to hear music which will be learnt, as well as additional orchestral pieces. Many do not have the resources to listen to music so the player is a necessity.

Rs. 5500 will pay for a quarter size violin.

Rs. 7000 will pay for a half size violin.

Rs. 5000 will pay for music lessons for one child for one term.

Rs. 10,000 will pay for music lessons for one child for two terms.

Rs. 15,000 will pay for music lessons for one child for one year (3 terms)

Rs. 12,200 will pay for a flute

Rs. 15,000 will pay for a trumpet

Rs. 32,000 will pay for a cello

Musicares Foundation (The Music Project)
NDB Bank
Havelock Town Branch
Account No: 003107002476

"You may be poor, you may only have a ramshackle house, you may have lost your job, but that song gives you hope." - Nelson Mandela.

(All images and facts courtesy the website and FB page).

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