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The Office

3, Cambridge Terrace, Colombo 07

A co-working space with a cafe.

Co-working spaces are a thing in Colombo now. I mean, why shouldn't they be? Given that the city is mushrooming with entrepreneurs, startups and people who work from home, it's great to have a space that you can work flexibly and increase productivity while getting to know the business community and growing your network.      
The Office is one of the recent additions to the co-working space scene in Colombo. Not only it's a good place to get some work done, but it's also a great spot to drop by and grab some lunch. Because this one comes with a cute cafe attached to it. 
The cafe at The Office is actually open for public as well, but make sure you give a call before going in. But if you happen to use their co-working space, the cafe is naturally open to accommodate your coffee and snack needs. 

Co-working Space

The Office has three kinds of co-working options, curated for different needs - Hot Seats, Meeting Rooms and Private Offices. Every option is provided with high-speed internet facilities, printing services and more.

The pricing of the above options would be as follows.

  • Hot Seats - Rs. 1000 per day, Rs. 17500 per month
  • Meeting Rooms - Rs. 2500 per hour, Rs. 6500 for four hours, Rs. 10000 for the whole day
  • Private Offices - Rs. 99000 per month, only one room available. The furniture is customisable according to your requirements. 

You can call at 0770800000 for more details. 

Coffee & Food

The menu at the cafe is quite simple. They've got a few snacks and coffee-based drinks - both iced and hot.

The coffee they use is an in-house blend which they craft up using Kang's Coffee and a local variety that they buy from Pettah. Our Single Shot Cappuccino (Rs. 500) was really strong, but not bitter, featured a nice layer of microfoam, while the milk was so perfectly heated, retaining its fluffy quality. 

Served in a glass, the Double Shot Iced Latte (Rs. 550) was a delight too. The trick here is to mix everything up, so the flavour can properly come through. Carrying a potent caffeine punch, the milk in this drink was spot on as well. They offer a shot of sugar syrup alongside this, if you want to sweeten it up a bit. 

The Fried Chicken (Rs. 600) was presented on top of a lightly toasted slice of Brioche and a side of French Fries. Giving off a satisfactory crisp, the batter that covered the chicken was thin, which in fact, enhanced the flavours of the chicken, rather than overpowering it. What follows that is the juicy, succulent chicken cooked all the way through to its bones.

The chicken had a tangy sauce drizzled all over it, and a few slices of gherkin - which you can use to make it even tangier. 

Tucked in between the slices of nicely toasted bread, was a generous slathering of a deliciously creamy tuna-paste that almost split out of its bready enclosure. Clocking in around Rs. 500, it was served with the sides of crispy French fries and coleslaw. Make good use of the lime wedge for extra flavour. 

Ambience & Service

The cafe counterpart of The Office is located in their backyard. They've got plenty of seating option here, enough to accommodate around 25 - 30 people at a time. You can enjoy your homemade lunch here, or buy something from the cafe whenever you feel hungry or taking a break from all the working.

You don't have to worry about the blistering Colombo heat while you're here, as the cafe is surrounded by greenery. 

The food took around 30 minutes to arrive, and the staff was truly apologetic about it and assured that it will not happen again. They were considerate, polite and helpful from the moment we stepped in and up until the very second we left. 


Great coffee, delicious snacks and a place that you can work at peace - The Office has them all. What more do you want? We recommend! 

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