The Paddington

44/1, Horton Place, Colombo 07

The new address they relocated to is easily accessible and there is plenty of parking. From a food POV, it may not impress everyone but the place sure is somewhere we can all relax at.

If only their food was as good as their ambience, The Paddington would be my go-to spot in town.

This coffee-shop (which just moved) has an ideal location in the heart of Colombo and a spacious interior for groups but the food and drinks are nothing special.

The Food

The Chili Seafood Crepes (Rs. 1100) were an intriguing take on the traditional crepe with a creamy seafood filling loaded with stubby chunks of prawns. I expected a richer and spicier flavour from the seafood than just bland, melted cheese.Speaking of cheese, they'd haphazardly placed half melted cheese on top of the two crepes which created quite an eyesore. Nonetheless, the crepe was thin and not too doughy so at least it was enjoyable to an extent.

Tex Mex Grilled Chicken Burger (Rs.795) was too basic for me; from the presentation to the burger itself. If I was to ever have time to quickly throw together a burger at home, this is probably what I'd produce.

The chicken was juicy and fulfilling but the outter layer was not charred enough to be a perfectly grilled chicken breast. And the fries were not crispy enough. I'd not pay this much for a burger that looks (and tastes) like this again.

McDonald's, here I come for a better burger...

The Drinks

Though the Cozy Hot Chocolate (Rs. 695) didn't amaze me, at least they had an acceptable one which was not too sweet unlike some places.I sure was looking for a richer taste of chocolate but the milky flavour overpowered the entire cup (extra chocolate never hurt nobody). Overall, the best part of the drink was merely sipping on the foam. 

Ambiance & Service

We loved the different settings they offer: from a laid back garden with swing chairs to a more intimate setting inside with leather seats, warm yellow lighting and a lot of brown wooden structures surrounding the place. 

The interior gave the place a vintage vibe with the windows, door frames and monochrome pictures on the walls.

Moreover, service at the Paddington was something I liked. The staff members were really friendly and checked with me occasionally if I was enjoying the food (although some may find this annoying).


We recommend this place ONLY if you are really (really) hungry or thirsty. However if you're looking for a place to chill with your friends while you kick back with no shoes on, then go here.


They have a private room near the front.


44/1, Horton Place, Colombo 07


The Paddington is on Barnes Place between the Town Hall road and Wijerama Mawatha. It's near Musaeus so watch out for school time.


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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Coffee Iced Coffee

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