The Party Station

Liberty Arcade, 282 Duplication Road, Colombo 3

Colombo has a few party supply stores, but most of the products are not of especially high quality. Party Station is a new shop in the new Liberty Arcade which has glow sticks, balloons, party hats, costumes - basically whatever you'd need for any celebration.

The Party Station has come a long way since their Liberty Arcade days. They've got their own outlet at Galle Road which is pretty much overflowing with cool, imported merchandise. 

The Goods

They've got a little something for almost any and every party occasion one could think of. From graduation party decor to hen parties, these folks have got you covered. Here are a few pictures from my trip to the shop.

A few random dress-up costumes. 

Hen Party merch; from crowns to slippers to stickers.

Throwing a party for your grandad? You can get fancy banners and whatnot here.

I had my eye on a pack of those movie-themed balloons at the far top left corner but they're rather pricey so I passed. They'll also blow up your balloons with helium at a price. It's generally around Rs. 150 per balloon, and more if it's a fancy foil balloon.Their baby corner is their newest hit. They've got cool stickers, necklaces and other interesting baubles to serenade the arrival of thy little ones.

Service & Ambience

The ambience is fairly generic, with white shelves stocked full of merch. We were told that everything's imported straight from the USA which probably means something.

We've heard mixed reviews of their service. Apparently one of their sales executives are occasionally rude or snappy to customers and a lot of people testify to this.

When I went in, she wasn't rude but she seemed extremely eager to get me out of there as soon as possible. Perhaps it was because I was dressed like a hobo and not someone who looked like they're going to throw a party. She also threw a few exasperated sighs here and there when I asked her a question followed by the occasional eyeroll. Why? I don't know.

But thankfully they've got decor for almost every occasion, so you might not have to worry about customer service unless you haven't planned your theme out.
In which case, ask the other sales person.


Pantomime masks in a rainbow of colours.

Keep in mind that these guys are really expensive. In my opinion your budget is best spent on the party itself and not something as trivial as decorations but what do I know. If you've got the cash and are willing to go all out, they can help you there. 


Ask for Gehan, if he's around.


Liberty Arcade, 282 Duplication Road, Colombo 3


Liberty Arcade is right next to Liberty Plaza, on Duplication Road.


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Open 10 AM to 7:30 PM

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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