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The Rani Violet Elders Home

45/3 Uswatte Circular Road, Moratuwa.

The Rani Violet Elders Home - located in Moratuwa - is home to 5 elderly uncles and 21 elderly aunties. The Home, run by the Colombo Gospel Tabernacle, has a beautiful location by the ocean.


The Rani Violet Elders Home - located in Moratuwa - is home to 5 elderly uncles and 21 elderly aunties. The Home, run by the Colombo Gospel Tabernacle, has a beautiful location by the ocean. In fact the home opens to a backyard where they can sit out in the garden and enjoy the view of the ocean which is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Several years ago the church realised there was a need. An elderly lady who came to church was living in a garage and needed a home and there were many who were cast aside. From this the Rani Violet Elders Home was born.


It's a well kept home with a very kind matron - how do I know? I've been there and the aunties and uncles are full of praise for Ms Christine. Recently we also visited the home with a bunch of others and had a little party and they loved it. They ask not for money or things, which they do need, but when I was speaking with the matron, she implored, "we need youngsters to visit the home, to bring some sunshine to the elderly".


I can tell you, the elderly at the home are the happiest bunch of old people I have happened upon who are far from frumpy and grumpy. But they look froward to company other than their own aged people. They look forward to the loaf they get when they travel all the way from Moratuwa to Wellawatte every Sunday and Wednesday.


So how about some visits? Take some paints - while they say they can't paint, they will certainly enjoy the activity by the sea, or take a guitar and a drum and go make some noise. The day we visited them for a spot of tea and dancing, we couldn't get them to stop dancing, we danced the evening and the night away. They would be overjoyed with some lively company. They would like an outing. On a special day, hire a bus and take them on a tour of Colombo or a picnic or just nothing at all - they are glad to have company.


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The next time you are in that neighbourhood, visit the house by the sea where a very jolly bunch of people reside, they would simply love the company.  If you want to donate and ease the burden of running the Home, you could give essentials such as rice, milk, wheat flour, sugar, tea and coffee. Or if you would like to donate financially the details are as follows:


Branch Code : 009 Bank Code : 7083 Swift Code : HBLILILX

The Rani Violet Elders Home is an approved charitable organization, and provides tax benefit for the donors.


45/3 Uswatte Circular Road, Moratuwa.


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