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The RoadHouse

Hotel RoadMount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

A food truck serving quality kottus using locally sourced ingredients and Lankan inspired flavours.

As one of the oldest food trucks in town, The RoadHouse has been doing a wonderful job in pulling off some hearty, spicy, meaty kottu over the years. They usually park their food truck near Lion's Pub in Mount Lavinia. 

The Kottus

The RoadHouse has Chicken, Beef, Egg, Prawns and Sausage-based kottus, which tend to run out really fast. We swung by them at around 8.15 PM, and they were already done with the Prawns and Beef Kottus.

Thus we ended up ordering a Sausage Cheese Delight Kottu (Rs. 530), Nai Miris Chicken Kottu (Rs. 520) and Roast Chicken Cream Cheese Kottu (Rs. 590). 

The Sausage Cheese Delight stayed true to its name by featuring a heap of sausages, and some cheese. They could certainly do better with the latter, but overall, it was quite flavoursome. The roti and sausages had soaked up the spices perfectly, along with the curry leaves, green chillies and onions. 

Nai Miris is one of my favourite ingredients, and this Nai Miris Chicken Kottu had plenty of it. Piping hot, and packed with chunks of roast chicken, every bite here was so rich and flavourful.  

Following suit, this Roast Chicken Cream Cheese Kottu had a lot of chicken to boot. It's not exactly cream cheese they've put here, but more like a mix of that and milk, and yet, it tasted good. The spiciness of the chilli flakes was subdued by the cheese, making for a balanced flavour profile. 

For an extra Rs. 100, RoadHouse would toss in a bit more roti and meats to your kottu. 


In terms of service, it was simple, quick and helpful. We've got no complaints. 


RoadHouse is still a reliable option in the city to get your kottu fix. It's pricier than the average Pilawoos, but generous with meats, tastes better and looks cleaner. 


There is a patch of grass next to the road, so if you fancy a cheap late night picnic, get a mat and throw a picnic on the road using their kottus!