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The Three by TPV

21, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 4

An eclectic store, that houses a jamboree of jewellery, paintings, clothing and furniture.

Already famous in the city of Galle, where they launched their flagship store, The Three by TPV is an eclectic store of assorted knickknacks and bric-a-brack. Co-owned by Thomas, Patrick and Vladim, the Trio have been dedicating themselves to bringing a treasure trove of crazy collectibles and fashionable handcrafted jewellery, paintings and furniture. 


The Stuff

Walking in, I hear some jazz music piping through their music system, complementing the strange yet exciting jamboree of items for sale. I found a funky arm chair, covered in animal print with a shock of floral vines snaking through the material, and a neon pink dream catcher amidst tassels of jewellery.

You get hand carved busts of pugs smeared in black paint and a mad splattering of paint on ceramic elephants (for LKR.13,950).

There were some baby bibs with very cool cameo, skull & bones, and elephant prints, on black and white for LKR.1500 per piece. 

They had some intricately woven and beaded jewellery, ranging from prussian to azure blues and every colour of the rainbow in between. Beaded necklaces, silver entwined lockets and seashell adorned trinkets to be given away as keepsakes.

One thing which really amused me were these metal frogs, mouth agape, that looked like they were waiting ravenously for imaginary flies to come land on them. Hand carved wooden horse heads that were meticulously painted and scuttling crabs made out of brass (LKR.12,500) were other such little novelties that really caught my eye.

An entire side of a wall had mini squares of canvas on display with quirky, colourful paintings of dogs and a collection of skull embroidered bags and bling-y satchels.

They also have a range of silver cutlery and spoons/knives/forks skewered onto wooden twigs. As well as silver goblets and mellow coloured hand napkins for purchase.

There are rows and rows of child like buddhas (Rs.2950), all smiling and joyous with arms splayed out with a begging bowl, and coir rope bulbs hanging atop the ceiling.

Apart from ceramics and not-yo-average-pretty things you also get an entire aisle of clothing. They seem to be more in hues of ivory, whites and umbers. Flowy dresses and ankle length frocks, jackets and woven cardigans. The price ranges between LKR.8000 to LKR.20,000.

Although some items are exorbitantly pricier than most outlets in comparison, The Three by TPV is like a happier version of Pandora's box. 


Do check out their chandelier made entirely out of seashells cascading from the ceiling.


21, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 4


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