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The Vade Story

Delivery only

A home-based venture that's all about vadeys. They make it according to a decades-old family recipe.

The Vade Story, is all about vades, the beloved South Indian snack. Made according to a decades-old family recipe, this home-based venture offers these goodies with many interesting chutneys. 

How To Order

We found them on Instagram. Simply search for the thevadestory handle and DM them your order. The menu is saved on their highlights. They deliver only during weekends.

Or, simply give them a call at 0706777324.

We ordered during the last lockdown weekend and yet, it was processed quite smoothly. At the moment, they accept bank transfers and send the orders through PickMe Flash (Rs. 300).

The Vades

The Vade Story makes two kinds of vades - Ulundu Vade and Masala Vade. They're available in 10 and 15 portions respectively, and the price of the Ulundu Vade varies according to the chutney you choose.

We got Ulundu Vade with two kinds of chutneys - Kochchi Chutney (Rs. 750) and Tomato Chutney (Rs. 900). 

Slightly crispy on the outside, and soft from the in, the ulundu vades had a tasty mix of spices in them, including mustard, cumin, a whole lot of curry leaves and bits of onions. Beautifully golden brown in colour, they went well with both of the chutneys. 
In the kochchi chutney, they have nicely infused the signature kochchi kick into the classic green coconut chutney. The kochchi complements the chutney rather than overpowering its coconutty flavour and spices. 

Presented with a very creamy texture and a subtle tang, the tomato chutney also had this bitter undertone which some of us didn't like. 

The Masala Vades (Rs. 300) were incredible! They give off a wonderful crunch as you bite into it, and are packed with curry leaves, chillies, onions and other spices. 


These vades by The Vade Story will surely get you in the mood to brew a cuppa. They're made fresh to order, full of flavour and wallet-friendly as well. Plus, they make it gluten-free on request.

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