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The Vanilla Bean Bakery

No 3 Frankfurt Place Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Vanilla Bean Bakery is a home baker who specialises in customised cakes and desserts such as cupcakes and cookies.

The Vanilla Bean Bakery does a mean job of taking diabetes and making it look pretty. They serve up a lot of goodies and they're famous for their pretty cakes, so make sure you call them in advance if you want to place an order.

The Cake

The cake was HUGE. Costing a smooth Rs. 6500 this gargantuan, chocolate explosion covered in thick layers of icing, is very dense, very moist and very very rich. This isn't your average peasant cake. This is a cake that grew up in Colombo 07 (failed in school) and went on to become a fashion designer. 
Although it looks pretty, the flavour isn't really a knockout thanks to the copious amounts of vanilla that really throws off the chocolate. That being said it's a delight to indulge thanks to its rich and velvety texture.
In terms of decoration, it's deceptively simple thanks to a myriad of coloured blobs of frosting that make it look like a wreath of sorts or a garden of flowers. 
There aren't any pictures of the insides because the photographer rode the sugar high and ended up losing them.

Process & Service

We called them up and engaged in a bit of friendly conversation with the lady in charge. They deliver, but you'll need to cover the transport costs. We're way too stingy so we sent someone over to pick it up. It comes in a large white box decorated with a triad of blue, pink and gold ribbon. 
You can also contact them on facebook or look them up on Instagram so you have an idea of what type of cakes they do.


They're fairly good at what they do, so if you don't mind pulling out the big bucks then I'd say go for it. The cake was tasty and beautiful, and made for a perfect present.


Order in advance. Also if you have diabetes stay away.


No 3 Frankfurt Place Colombo, Sri Lanka


It's best if you call them up or message them on facebook as they function from home.


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