The Wax Museum (Independence Arcade)

1st Floor, Independence Arcade, Colombo

An upscale beauty bar in the reclaimed Independence Arcade.

For everyone who clicked on this article thinking it was about an actual wax museum, apologies. TWM is actually a chic spa, salon, and beauty centre in the reclaimed Independence Arcade Shopping Centre. 

They understandably didn't let us take too many pictures because of customer privacy etc, so we took a couple of photos of their site in addition to ours. 

Services Available

Their service menu is pretty extensive, although they obviously focus on waxing and hair removal. They're also apparently Colombo's foremost technicians for natural hair extensions, which is something we haven't tried yet. They also have a dedicated section each for hair cuts and styling, massages, pedicures, and waxing.

Their hair removal procedures are available for both women and men, and their prices are equivalent to most high-end Colombo salons like Crown or Honey Pot. For example, you're looking at about Rs. 5800 for a comprehensive full-body wax. 

Their massages are a bit more reasonable, coming to around Rs. 4500 for an hour.

Their manicures and pedicures are also on par with their peers, coming to Rs. 2500 for a normal 1 hour pedi. As pretty is their website is, it's unfortunately not updated, so you'll have to call them up or visit the salon for a full list of services.


The ambience is pretty cool, a lot of quirkly wall-length pictures,over the top chandeliers, and stuffed chairs. The baroque wallpaper paired with the bright red accents give off a real modern Moulin Rouge vibe. The salon is also very clean and well-kept.

I especially noticed the super high quality of the lighting in the waxing rooms, which were made for intense scrutiny and clarity. I also must mention the superb music they had piped through, which was a collection of bossa nova/ French covers of pop songs. 


There's no point trying to book an appointment via their website, we tried and didn't receive a response. Call them up though, and they're very prompt, friendly, and efficient.

We also got their complimentary waxes, which sweetened the deal.

My technician was very professional and polite, but also quite slow, which made for a kind of tedious waxing experience. I feel as though it was a lot more painful than I'm used to, despite using soft blue wax. On the plus side, I doubt I've ever met anyone that dedicated to the furlessness of my kneecap, so kudos to her. She spent an inordinate amount of time making sure every little bit of hair was off, via rewaxing, and finally tweezing. 


We'd definitely visit again, perhaps for a hot stone massage or to try out their pedicures, mostly because their location is so central and the ambience is inviting. We've also heard that they're the top place in the city for hair extensions, so if that's what you're searching for, this is your spot. 


Explore their introductory offers!


1st Floor, Independence Arcade, Colombo


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