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A healthy lunch service option that's as good as it could possibly get.

Living in Sri Lanka has its perks. Yes, we have our issues but if there's one thing to console us, it's probably rice and curry. 

Colombo has way more than its fair share of rice and curry places. A lot of them are excellent, a few of them are boring, while the rest is just meh. Which is why, we're positively ecstatic about discovering Tiffinbox - a place that makes delicious rice and curry and delivers it to your doorstep. 

How To Order?

Tiffin boxes refer to those giant stainless steel circular boxes that people take their lunch in Hindi Movies. This inspiration has made Tiffinbox to make these cool cardboard containers to deliver their goodies. 

You can grab one of these by calling the number we've stated on top of this review and placing the order before 11 am. You can refer to what they offer on their Facebook page. 

However, mind you, you might get to starve yourself a bit while you're waiting for your food. Even though we placed our order before 11 am, it took them like three hours to deliver our buth packets - from Borella to Nugegoda. So getting it delivered through a delivery platform like Uber Eats is probably hassle free. 

Rice & Curry

Today's menu at Tiffinbox happened to include a mixed salad, tempered potato, dhal curry and brinjal all accompanied with the option of red or white rice and a protein of your choice (prawn, mutton, chicken, fish or cuttlefish). 

Let's start with the Chicken Rice & Curry (Rs. 300) shall we? Decked on a big bed of red rice, it felt very much homemade in the nicest way possible.

With a healthy helping of spicy tempered potato that was neither overdone nor undercooked, a lot of chilli flakes and onion to get things going and a big spoonful of tempered brinjals which really helped with toning things down, the curries in the lunch packets were brilliant.

Moreover, the chicken curry! Served as a pretty big piece that wasn't very salty and not a lot of spice but enough to realize that it was good, this one was very much like any other well-made chicken curry. That being said, this came nothing close to the other protein curries, but, all in all, was quite good on its own. 

This is the Mutton Rice & Curry (Rs. 370). Served with a whole lot of mutton pieces, this one turned out to be packed with spices, tender in terms of texture and brilliant in every right way. Paired with the tempered potato, it might be a tad too spicy, but, that doesn't really matter when it's this good. 

The dhal curry came as a saving grace in this particular context. Cooked to perfection with just the right amount of spices, this was perfect to dial down the spiciness from the mutton curry. Apart from that, this too (like the chicken curry) felt as familiar as kade food could get. 

Our personal favourite out of the three was this. Offered on a healthy dose of fluffy white rice, the Prawn Rice & Curry (Rs. 360) was an absolute delight! Spicy, salty and having quite a few of them at that, it was one of the best rice packs I've had to date! Seriously, if you do happen to order from Tiffinbox, get this. 

The Mixed salad too went on par with the general tone of this review. With a solid mixture of chopped up pineapples, cucumber, onion, carrot and lots of pepper, this was the cherry on top to the meal. 


If you haven't got the memo yet, here it is: we love it. From the absolutely delicious prawn curry to the potato and even the dhal curry, our experience with Tiffinbox was quite good. 

However, we do think that adding papadum to the menu would add that final gusto to the whole meal. Nonetheless, we say go for it!


Place your order before 11 am.