Tom Yum

330, Galle Road, Colombo 04

Tom Yum has some good Thai street food. But...?

Tom Yum specializes in Thai street food. We think it's some of the best Thai around.

The Food

The menu at Tom Yum is not as extensive as the likes of Royal Thai, but that's mostly because they want to stick the theme of street food. They've still got a decent amount of meat and seafood dishes to choose from along with favourites like pad thai, kau phad and red curry. Price-wise, it's mid-range, small portions (enough for two) cost between Rs. 550 - Rs. 700.


To start off we tried the restaurant's namesake Tom Yum soup (Rs. 725). This was easily one of the best Tom Yum soups I've tried in Sri Lanka. If you ever heard the expression "explosion of flavour", this soup is the best way to experience it. When you have this soup you'll notice around 10 ingredients like squid, shrimp, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass, mushrooms and whole bucket load of chilli. This is definitely not for the light of heart, 'cause it can be ridiculously spicy. May God have mercy on your soul if you bite down on one those chilli seeds. But, like us, you'll most likely keep going back for more through the tears.


The khau pad goong (Rs. 525) is a thai fried rice with shrimp. While the portion is small, the flavour was right on point. This is very different from the fried rice we Sri Lankans are used to, mostly because they use a very fragrant jasmine rice which is served ever so slightly wet like a stir fry, which binds it together very well.


The red curry chicken (Rs. 625) was as good as any we've tried with a great balance of creaminess and spice. It goes very well with the fried rice and we even had it like a soup since the curry itself is so flavoursome.


The shrimp pad thai (Rs. 625) was our favourite of the dishes. At Rs. 625 this one is real value for money since it has so much flavour and so many different ingredients. The noodles themselves have a great sweet and sour flavour with little cubes of fried fish and mini prawns adding the saltiness. It comes with a side of ground peanuts and chilli so you can add it to suit your preference. Highly recommended.


For dessert we tried out their batter fried bananas. These are similar to banana fritters, but without the honey. Honey is usually the best part, but these taste great even without it. This is because they let the bananas over-ripen a bit for extra sweetness.

Ambience & Service


Tom Yum is small restaurant with seating for around twenty people. They've got a very accessible location on Galle Road right opposite St.Peter's College. The service is fast and the owner is the one who takes the orders with his Thai wife running the kitchen. It should be noted though, that when we dropped in there were only a few other customers, but we've been told that service can get quite slow when the place fills up.


Thai cuisine isn't abundant in Colombo so it's great to see Tom Yum joining the fray. It's as authentic as it gets and tastes great, which is all we can ask for.


The portions are small.


330, Galle Road, Colombo 04


Coming down Galle Rd past 7 Stories, Tom Yum is right Opposite St.Peter's College.


This place has closed down



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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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