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Top Secret Beach Restaurant (Hikkaduwa)

Galle Road, Narigama, Hikkaduwa

Top Secret is a very cool beach hangout in Hikkaduwa. We loved the ambience and the food is good without being too pricey.

Top Secret Beach Restaurant is an awesome little hangout by the beach in Hikka. The ambience is great and the food was actually quite good, without being too pricey as Hikkaduwa rates tend to be. It's also top secret so cue this great tune on your iPod when you walk in.

The Food


We got plates of prawn rice, tomato and cheese spaghetti, and rice with devilled fish.


The portions were decent, we were full at the end of it, and we enjoyed the food - especially the creamy spaghetti and the spicy fish tossed with capsicums.


We also got Top Secret butterscotch ice cream, which sounded super special and made me feel like a spy - it tasted alright, nothing mind blowing. Surprisingly our visit didn't cost as much as we though it would - there were three of us and each spent only about Rs. 850.

Service & Ambience


Service was prompt. It's the ambience that really won us over. There are seats right by the beach in typical beach-restaurant fashion - but the seats more interior are the best. There's a wooden structure in the sand here, under which you get plenty of colourful cushions and paduru mats, and it's quite cosy and pleasant if you're hanging with a bunch of friends.


There are boats and randoms around you so it's a quirky, quiet set-up in the middle of a beach.



Top Secret is one of the good places to relax at if you're in Hikkaduwa. It's easily accessible on the main road, the food is good and mostly the atmosphere is very chill and creative.


Top Secret is also The Harmony Guest House.


Galle Road, Narigama, Hikkaduwa


It's on the Galle Road beach stretch, near the International Beach Hotel and Blue Moon.



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Open 8:00AM to 10:00PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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