Treats - Homemade Delights

Delkanda, Nugegoda

Treats - Homemade Delights is a home baker in Nugegoda, who does some darn good brownies.

Based in Nugegoda, Treats - Homemade Delights is a home baker that does some delicious sweet and savoury goodies. We've been drooling over their pictures on Facebook for a while now, so on a gloomy Monday, we decided that it's time that we give in for those cravings. 


We went with the brownies. They've got two varieties of them - Nutty Brownies and Dark Chocolate Brownies, and they come in 12-piece (Rs. 990) and 24-piece (Rs. 1890) portions. 

Don't let the looks deceive you - this picture looks horrendous, but you have no idea about what it hides underneath. I wish I had taken a picture of its cross-section, but the pieces started disappearing as soon as it landed on the table.

This ooey-gooey mess of a brownie is called Dark Chocolate Brownie, and it lives up to its name. Creamy thick, so soft, and bursting with rich dark chocolate flavour, this one is basically chocolate lover's heaven. Plus, it tastes so home-like. Imagine the brownie you would make for yourself. You want them to be chocolaty, and fudgy as possible, right? And that's exactly what Treats - Homemade Delights delivers. 

The pieces are quite big too - they had a good height and width, which you'll be able to see in the cross-section of the Nutty Brownie I've added below. 
The Nutty Brownies were embedded with a load of cashews to its top layer, adding a good crunch to the brownie while boosting its flavour even more.

Moist, squishy and fudgy, this one was thoroughly chocolaty too, probably not as much as the Dark Chocolate one, but perfectly enough to make you go at it - one after the other. 

How To Order

The ordering process is pretty simple here. You can reach out to them via their Facebook page, or WhatsApp at 071 461 4111. They deliver to pretty much everywhere in Colombo and its suburbs, and they incur a delivery fee. 


Darn good, very home-like, heavily chocolaty but in the best way possible, we're in love with Treats - Homemade Delights's brownies. In comparison to some home bakers in Colombo, they're pretty affordable too. 


Delkanda, Nugegoda


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