Tropical Fresh

No. 02, Rockwood Place, Colombo 07

Fresh fruit juices but bad service and ambience.

Located a few blocks away from Carey College, Tropical Fresh opened up a few months ago. While they serve a delicious fruit juice, unfortunately, that is the only good thing about that place. 

The Drinks

We started off with a Mango Juice (Rs. 200). It was absolutely delicious. The texture was a perfect consistency and you can clearly taste the ripe mango that has been used. And while you could taste the sweetness of the sugar it did not overpower the mango taste, which is rare!

The Avocado Juice (Rs. 180) was equally delicious. It was a proper glass of fresh avocado but a little too sweet for me. 

The Food

I'm the biggest sucker for food on display. Since it was staring right at us, we got the Chicken Burger (Rs. 150). It was probably one of the worst burgers I have tried, in my life.

The burger had the world's thinnest patty on top of a sad little lettuce with a teaspoon of cheese spread (you can barely taste it) and tiny tomato and gherkin slices along with a big piece of onion which they were clearly too lazy to chop into slices. My friend tried the chicken patty and immediately said it was at least a day old. The bun was bland and the veggies were soggy. Needless to say, we didn't finish it.

Service & Ambience 

If I'm being completely honest there is nothing positive I can say about the service and ambience. The service, though quick, was appalling. There were two women behind the counter and had no interest in serving us. They were busy arranging some bottles and clearly looked as if they were annoyed we disturbed them. 

The ambience wasn't any better. It's a small place with a couple of high chairs and one table near the window. There were so many flies which was disgusting and then there was this random chair nearly blocking the entrance yet no one bothered to move it.


Their main selling products are the juices, which they have perfected, but everything else is really bad. So I might grab a juice to go if I'm in the area or get it delivered, but unless they work on their service and ambience, I doubt I'd return.


Go for the Mango juice!


No. 02, Rockwood Place, Colombo 07


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Open until 06:30 PM

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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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Fruit Juice

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