Tsing Tao (Colombo Racecourse)

Race Course Promenade, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

Tsing Tao is a fine dinning Chinese restaurant that strikes a good a balance between authentic and Sri Lankanized Chinese, in a chic and elegant setting.




Been Visiting Tsing Tao for about an Year and I must say the quality of the food has never ever changed. Its probably one of the best meals iv had in Colombo And THE BEST Chinese Food iv had. Tried The Flat Glass Noodles in Chinese Sauce which Was just addictive. You just want to eat that over and over again. Schichuan Style Hot and Sour Seafood Soup Was just mind blowing to say the least. Highly Recommending that one. and I just cant emphasize enough on their Kung Pao Chicken and Pork in Ginger Sauce. Thats Probably two of my favorite restaurant dishes in Sri Lanka. Its Simply Amazing. I think if you do visit Tsing Tao its a MUST. When it comes to dessert my usual would be the Brandied Fig Toreté which is not too chocolaty but the mix is just well balanced. Tsing Tao Definitely is one of top 5 and one of my favorite restaurants in the city with a great ambiance and staff. And honestly I dont think the pricing is over priced at all. For that Quality of Food I think the price is quite reasonable and that if you are ordering dishes such as the Lobster etc I dont think its cheap anywhere. Brilliant Food and High Quality thats how I would Summarize this restaurant.

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Race Course Promenade, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7


The Racecourse is across the street from Royal College on Reid Avenue (officially Philip Gunewardena). From Independence Avenue you can turn right opposite Maitland Crescent. There's parking. You can also walk here from Independence Square, just follow the road past Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.


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Open 11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 11 PM


Fine Dining Chinese

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More than Rs.1500

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