Tsing Tao (Colombo Racecourse)

Race Course Promenade, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7

Tsing Tao is a fine dinning Chinese restaurant that strikes a good a balance between authentic and Sri Lankanized Chinese, in a chic and elegant setting.

Tsing Tao is one of the few legit fine-dining Chinese restaurants in Colombo. They strike a good a balance between authentic and Sri Lankanized Chinese, in a chic and elegant setting.

Ambience & Service

While Colombo has a ton of Chinese restaurants, only a handful qualify as fine dining. Tsing Tao is one that definitely fits the bill in terms of ambience. It's also one of the only options outside the hotel owned Yue Chuan and Golden Dragon which belong to The Kingsbury and Taj, respectively. The interior is softly lit, with a wall mounted lamp on each table which provides plenty of light without being too hard on the eyes. The location overlooking the Racecourse also makes for great view.

The service wasn't amazing, but we didn't come across any major problems either. The food came to the table in about 20 minutes which wasn't too bad and they had the courtesy to ask if we'd like the dishes served all at once to the table or one after the other, which is apparently how Chinese people prefer it. Note that we gotten some reports that service and get slow.

The Food

The menu at Tsing Tao is quite extensive with a good selection of dishes for each type of meat and seafood. In our past visit we felt they were too expensive considering their portion sizes, but they've seem to have taken heed of that feedback and improved the portion sizes. Small portions are generally around Rs. 750 with large portions hitting the 4-figure mark.

While we waited for our mains to be prepared, we had the boiled pork belly with spicy garlic sauce (Rs. 698) as a starter. While a few pieces were tougher than the others, overall we were happy with this one. The pork itself was fine, but the intense garlic sauce was what really made this dish come alive. If you like the flavour of garlic, you'll love this one.

The crispy noodles with black bean sauce (Rs. 748) was a bit of a toss up. The positives here was that the texture of the noodles were spot on. The reason I said it was a toss up was because of personal preferences. Just like the garlic sauce in our starter, the black bean sauce here was also very strong in terms of flavour and seasoning which may not be to everyone's liking.

The fried cuttlefish with barbeque sauce (Rs. 798) was cooked well and looked very appetizing. It was actually milder than we expected, but worked well with sharp flavours of the black bean sauce in the noodles.

The fired pork belly (Rs. 748) was the only dish of the lot that we were unhappy about. The entire dish lacked spice and tasted quite bland. After the impressively intense starter, this one just tasted like meh.

On the other hand, the stir fried beef with chilli sauce (Rs. 748) was cooked well and perfectly balanced in terms of flavour. The chilli sauce really added a nice heat and contrast.


We're glad to see that Tsing Tao has upheld their standards while also addressing the issue of portion quantity. They're more expensive than other Chinese eateries, but the food is worth it, and they offer a far better setting.


If you like intense flavours, try the dishes that come with sauces.
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Tsing Tao is a fine dinning Chinese restaurant that strikes a good a balance between authentic and Sri Lankanized Chinese, in a chic and elegant setting.

Tsing Tao is a relatively new fine dining Chinese restaurant located at the Colombo Racecourse. It's expensive, but the food is worth it.

චයිනීස් කියලා නා නා විධ විදියට බෝඩ් ගහලා තිබුණත්, ඒ ගොඩක් තැන්වලින් අපට කන්න ලැබෙන්නේ ඔරිජිනල් චයිනීස් කෑම නෙවෙයිනේ. හුඟක් වෙලාවට ඕවයේ තියෙන්නේ ලංකාවේ විදියට හැඩ ගැහුණු චයිනීස් කෑම. හැබැයි ඔරිජිනල් චයිනීස් කෑම කාපු මනුස්සයා තමයි ඒකෙ නියම රස දන්නේ. ඉතින් "චයිනීස් කෑම කොහෙත් එකයි" කියලා හිතාගෙන ඉඳපු මගේ යාළුවත් ඇදගෙන මං ලඟදි දවසක ගොඩ වුණේ කොළඹ හතේ ට්සින් ටාඕ එකට.

කොළඹ රේස්කෝර්ස් එකේ පිහිටි "ත්සිං තාවෝ" තරමක් අලුත් කදිම චීන අවන්හලක්. ඒක මිල අධික තැනක් වුණත් ඒකේ කෑම ගෙවන ගානට වටිනවා.


Race Course Promenade, Reid Avenue, Colombo 7


The Racecourse is across the street from Royal College on Reid Avenue (officially Philip Gunewardena). From Independence Avenue you can turn right opposite Maitland Crescent. There's parking. You can also walk here from Independence Square, just follow the road past Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.


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Open 11 AM to 3 PM, 6 PM to 11 PM


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