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The Hollow, No 20, 3rd Lane, Off Woodland Avenue, Kohuwala

An online clothes shop for excellent kids clothes.

Uloolaa does excellent quality, affordable kids clothes, and they deliver. Our two kids mostly subsist on gifts and a few Velona vests, but Uloolaa makes some amazing things for special occasions, like when they're not covered in butter and have not been eating dog food.

The Clothes

One set we got was a Maui shirt (Rs. 725) and the Loki pants (Rs. 1,310). These are things I would wear if I was a skilled barista in Arugam Bay but I can live out that fantasy through my children. 

I think the clothes look really cool and the kids love them. They're modern designs and cuts but kid-sized. And they have working pockets, which few kids clothes do, so they can carry their own used tissues and rotting pieces of fruit they don't want to let go of.

We also got this beautiful Oshin dress (Rs. 875), also with pockets FTW.

And this cute Mario jumpsuit (Rs. 1,520).

Overall the clothes are all quite practical, durable and very fashionable as far as kids clothing goes, especially in this price range. Kids clothes are usually either standard t-shirts with inane phrases for a few hundred rupees or fancier things from like Mothercare for thousands.

Uloolaa has reasonably priced things which are local yet globally fashionable and above all fun.


Delivery is pretty simple, you order online and then within a day or two a bike or tuk comes and you pay a Rs. 150 flat rate (or we did, depends on where you live). There's no tracking or anything but it's fine. We paid cash on delivery.


Kids clothes are adorable and almost completely pointless. They look good for a while but they'll outgrow or ruin them quickly. Uloolaa walks that fine line between affordability and fashionable. These items are hardy, practical and look cool, but they're also quite affordable. Personally I love them and would recommend, and the kids like them too.


Delivery only, don't go there.


The Hollow, No 20, 3rd Lane, Off Woodland Avenue, Kohuwala


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