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Uptown Kandy

Uptown Kandy, Liberty Plaza, Colombo 03

Uptown Kandy is a gargantuan clothing store in which you're sure to get lost and never find your way out.

Uptown Kandy is a gargantuan department store taking up two floors of the new wing of Liberty Plaza. They haven't gotten branded-items per se, but they've got a ton of clothes from winter-wear to wedding-wear, and aisles and aisles of shoes.

Looking Around

The main thing that hits you soon as you step in is the vastness of the area — the sheer size of the whole store, which, for Sri Lanka, is quite quite large to say the least. 

It's slightly futuristic, with the lighting and design, and a Narnia-esque touch with random iron-wrought lampposts all around.

In terms of well-known brands, they've got Embark and Triumph, and also Il Gelato.

They make shopping and pairing easier with their shoe and bag arrangements, and have a decent range of men's wear and accessories. 

We liked that they have a nice selection of winter-wear as well, so if you're about to go overseas and wondering where to get some nice warm coats from, you have someplace other than House of Fashions and ODEL to go to.

Bling Bling - for the ladies.

It's basically like a one-stop shop, and could give Ranjana's and the likes a run for their money with their bridal collection — they've got an ivory section and a red/ maroon section all laid out so it's super convenient for weddings/ homecomings.

Fully recommended if you're planning a bollywood themed wedding and don't want to spend hours wandering from store to store.

They've got a rather interesting selection of brassiers taking the place of blouses as well, with literally nothing to differentiate them from being underwear or beachwear except that it's studded with rhinestones and decked out with gold chains and spiky metallic bling. 

Possibly good costume idea for a mardi gras party of somesuch?


We've been here a couple of times shopped here just once, and it was a weird experience to say the least. As we've said, the store here is massive and there's a line of counters to check your stuff out — but only one was manned. A friend was buying a bikini, and the man at the counter stared at it for a while and then poked the padded bra and made a funny noise while at it.

Awkward and unprofessional, to say the least.


Uptown Kandy is more bling-bling than anything else, and may not be for everyone's taste. However, they DO have a huge selection of stuff, including a kids' section, so it's a convenient place to pick stuff up.



Uptown Kandy, Liberty Plaza, Colombo 03


It's on the topmost floor of the new wing of Liberty Plaza, just go up the escalator.


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