Waffle Queen

65, 5th lane, Colombo 03

A place to order some fresh homemade waffles with sweet and savoury fillings.

Waffle Queen is a home-based venture located down 5th Lane (Colombo 03), toasting some fresh, delicious waffles using quality ingredients. Waffles are a good snack for any time of the day, so we went ahead with the idea to grab some comfort food from Waffle Queen.


Their menu has a couple of savoury, and sweet waffles as well as waffle iron grilled sandwiches. 

Waffle With Kithul Syrup (Rs. 200) was served with a tiny tub of kithul pani. Soft and fluffy, we couldn't detect any crunch here, which is a bit unfortunate since one usually expects the crispiness from any waffle. 

Keeping the crunch issue aside, the flavours were good. It had mellow sweetness in it which made it the perfect medium to absorb the kithul pani and to adjust the sweetness as you like. This execution was quite welcome.

Her Cheese Waffle (Rs. 250) had a filling of mozzarella cheese. We would have liked the cheese to be a tad bit gooey. The waffle itself was very subtly sweet, letting the cheesy flavour to stand out, which helped to make things more interesting. 

Waffle With Pol Sambol and Cheese (Rs. 250) was simply a delight. The filling was quite generous with the pol sambol almost spilling out from the sides.

I’m always quite apprehensive when it comes to tasting pol sambol. While being simple, any mishap in the pol sambol can make your tummy rumble very easily.

Here, all I got was a feeling that it was fresh and made really well. There was a decent amount of heat coming through, which helped to make the waffle even more delicious. Honestly, given that we are Sri Lankans, any meal that has a good pol sambol is a good meal and this falls into that category without any doubt.

Since her highness (the Waffle Queen) makes sandwiches as well, we opted for the Spicy Chicken and Cheese Sandwich (Rs. 250). As mentioned above, the bread was toasted in the waffle iron which added that beautiful crisp. The filling was savoury and we could really taste the chicken alongside the rich onion flavour. There was mozzarella cheese in the mix but not much. All in all, this was a decent savoury snack.

How To Order

Ordering these goodies is quite simple. You can either get it delivered through a delivery platform like PickMe Food, or just call them up, place the order and pick it up from the given address.


If you want a snack or something to just fill you up without stuffing your face with it, Waffle Queen got you covered with all that waffles and sandwiches. All the items has their own character to it, while being enjoyable with balanced flavours. 


65, 5th lane, Colombo 03


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