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WAFL Sri Lanka (One Galle Face)

1A, 02 Centre Rd, Colombo

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WAFL is a global franchise and they're all about waffles.

With over 80 outlets worldwide, WAFL is a global chain that is specialised in all things waffle. They're now in Sri Lanka too, at the food court inside One Galle Face. Given that we were around during the opening day, we decided to pop in for a First Look. 


WAFL Sri Lanka does Hong Kong Waffles, Belgian Waffles, Waffle Sandwiches, Waffle Corn Dogs, Waffle Fries and Waffle Pies etc., and they pair it with both sweet and savoury spreads and fillings. We tried four of them - Brownie & Salted Caramel Hong Kong Waffle (Rs. 1040), Cheese & Onion Waffle Corn Dog (Rs. 780), Chicken Grilledburg Waffle Sandwich (Rs. 970), and the Seasonal Fresh Fruit Belgian Waffle (Rs. 690 for a quarter).

Featuring chunks of brownies, ice cream and a good drizzle of salted caramel paired with a bubble waffle, the Hong Kong Waffle is a happy choice if you're looking for something chocolaty and sweet. The waffle itself wasn't overly sweet nor eggy and had a light texture. There's no fancy way of eating this, so we suggest you ditch the cutlery and use your hands. 

Coated with a crispy, light waffly layer, the Waffle Corn Dog had a store-brought Cheese & Onion sausage on the inside. The flavours of the sausage easily came through as the coating didn't overpower it. 

The Chicken Grilledburg Waffle was a filling waffle sandwich. There was a bed of lettuce, topped off with pieces of chicken sausages, and a layer of cheese. The waffle itself wasn't heavy nor sweet but was crispy, so the flavours worked together.

The Seasonal Fresh Fruit Belgian Waffle had a heap of sliced up fruits like kiwi and banana, and a giant drizzle of whipped cream on top, as well as a scoop of ice cream on the side. The waffle here was a bit doughy but yet had a crispiness to it. If you cannot choose between sweet and fruity, this is a happy medium. 


The drinks range here is comprised of shakes, iced tea, and Dallmayr coffee. Clocking it at Rs. 630, our Strawberry Milkshake was a creamy blend of Strawberry ice cream, with just the right amount of sweetness to it. 


It was the opening day, and they had this Rs. 1000 promo going on, so the crowds were flocking towards the stall. Which is probably why we had to wait one solid hour to get our four waffles and the drink. The first waffle took around 20 minutes, and for the next two, another 25 minutes and they started making the last one only when we showed up at the stall after an hour as we were tired of standing there. In the meantime, we were served a couple of waffles that we didn't order, as they had mixed up the bills. 


It's not every day that you find waffles in a food court in Colombo, so this is a welcome addition. They're still new, and getting things in order. We're planning to visit them again for our full, detailed review within the next few weeks, so stay tuned. 

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1A, 02 Centre Rd, Colombo


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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Waffles Milkshakes

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