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Walawwa Kade

Delivery only

A home-based venture with all right rice & curry.

Over the course of time, we learnt that photographing a plate/pack of rice & curry needs no styling. Colourful curries, golden-hued papadam and a heap of white/red/yellow rice - all these add up to a perfectly beautiful picture that glams up your Instagram feed. And that's how Walawwa Kade drew our attention.

Walawwa Kade is a cloud kitchen that does expensive rice & curry, which looks so darn good on their social media platforms. We've been eyeing on it for quite some time now, and just last week we managed to grab some for ourselves through PickMe Food.

The Rice & Curry

Almost everything they've got here is priced above Rs. 450, so it's almost twice as much as your usual buth packet.

So does it really worth it? Well, let's find out.

Priced at Rs. 590, the Prawn Rice & Curry featured good servings of pol sambol, Gotukola mallum, tempered okra, curried batu, dhal and of course, prawns. It's a set menu, so aside from the protein (in this case, prawns), same curries were spotted in the other buth packets.

To our surprise, none of the elements here didn't give us a fair reason that explains the high price tag. It wasn't bad, really, but they tasted and looked quite generic - nothing significant.

On the good side, the dhal curry was creamy and milky, the tempered okra was sweet, while the mallum was fresh and crunchy. Unfortunately, the pol sambol didn't give that spicy, sour kick we anticipated, and the batu curry tasted a tad watery for our liking.

The prawn curry was done well. There were about 5 medium size prawns with head-on, cooked properly with a good dose of spices.
The Chicken Rice & Curry was priced at Rs. 440 and as for Beef, it was Rs. 510.

Both beef and chicken curries tasted the same - peppery and sour. The portions were adequate as well.


While the flavours are all right, and the delivery option is convenient, we can't really say that they give your money's worth. We'd rather keep sticking to our old favourites like Praneetha