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WeGiveStuffAway (WGSA)


WeGiveStuffAway (WGSA) is the grocery delivering arm of The Soup Bowl charity. What we do is, as the name reads - we give stuff away.

WeGiveStuffAway (WGSA) is the grocery delivering arm of The Soup Bowl charity. What we do, as the name reads, is give stuff away. WGSA initially started by asking people to nominate families in need. People would nominate a family per month. These families are groups of people that are your every day people, with jobs, or without jobs and those who cannot make ends meet. WGSA would purchase groceries worth Rs. 5000 and the person would deliver the groceries to the family nominated, while the charity arm remained anonymous.

This year, WGSA completely evolved from a monthly nomination to a charity that delivers groceries every single day to elders and children’s homes and if to needy and very poor family units.

We’ve tied up with grocery stores and restaurants and rescue their surplus vegetables and fruits that run out of shelf life but are still usable. Before vegetables and fruits are considered waste, a couple of us go every single day (except Sundays) to collect all of it, sort it out and deliver to the homes.

One of the homes that benefit from WGSA is a home in Mt Lavinia. They have 10 to 12 tiny tots who’ve enjoyed apple stew which they say is a luxury for them. Another home in Nawala redirects their money allocated for vegetables to where there are dire needs because some days WGSA provides vegetables worth over Rs. 6000 and these homes are able to survive on this for several weeks on end.

Our only problem is, we are just three people and volunteering every single day, six days a week, zaps our energy and because of this reason we need more hands and legs to volunteer for us or sponsor our rides.

If this sounds doable to you, and you own a vehicle, volunteer for WGSA. Volunteering entails giving us a couple of your hours from 9:30 PM onwards to pick, sort and deliver goods to various locations in and around Colombo.

The Soup Bowl is a privately owned charity, run on donations by well wishers, family and friends. To know more follow us on our pages and to volunteer call us on 772 627 556, 774 841 134.

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