Weligama Kitchen (Marriot Weligama)

700 Matara Road, Pelana, Weligama

The Weligama Kitchen is the main restaurant at the Marriot Weligama, it serves an expansive range of local and foreign cuisines that rival the price and quality of similar establishments.

The Weligama Kitchen is the main restaurant at the Marriot Weligama, it serves an expansive range of local and foreign cuisines that rival the price and quality of similar establishments.

It caters mostly to guests but also offers a breakfast buffet for Rs. 2,100 (nett) for walk-ins.

The Food

As is usual at breakfast buffets, there is a range of cuisines, divided into various sections of the space, to pick from. The bagel station was stocked with a selection of cold cuts (we liked the beef salami and chicken mortadella), cheeses (the camembert was particularly good, and I thought the emmental cheese went well with the smoked salmon), sauces (try the tangy mustard sauce with the salmon) and sundried tomatoes. While the meat went well with the bagels, the salmon was definitely our favorite match for them.

We moved on to the Indian cuisine, which wasn't too impressive. The dishes we tried seemed to lack a bit of flavor, and were a little bland. The standout was the Sago Payasam, which was excellent with a texture that was just thick enough but still fluid enough to be greedily shoveled into our gullets. Cinnamon, plums and other condiments added flavor that didn’t overpower the sago.

The Sri Lankan table was delectable. We tried the Pittu with Dhal, Mutton and Cuttlefish Curries. There were various badums that added a crispy texture and allowed us to regulate the amount of spice.

The Waffles at the Western buffet were a delight, crispy and made as you wait. We tried them with the classic maple syrup (not fresh made). Ah and try the Croissants, they were easily some of the best we’ve ever had. The sausages, baked beans and your other straight up Western breakfast basics were average and the omelets tended to disappoint. We asked for a Sri Lankan Omelet, but got something with spices and toppings loosely sprinkled on top of the egg, which didn’t retain a lot of flavor.

Also on offer were the salad bar and a wide selection of fresh fruits. Everything was fresh and popping with life. Nothing here seems to have been waiting in a fridge a little too long.

The kitchen serves a large range of desserts for breakfast as well. We tried the homemade ice cream, I particularly liked the fruit and nut flavor. A wide range of toppings and sauces (the butterscotch was lovely) and toppings (I am a sucker for nuts, and found plenty here) were available to choose from.


Quick, efficient and friendly.


The space is large and the aisles placed in a way in which it makes it harder for you to knock elbows and drop your plate. The terrace is the highlight of the space, looking over the lawns to the sea.


Great food offered at a very reasonable price. An early drive down from Colombo for a day on the coast might well be started with breakfast at Weligama Kitchen.


Pace yourself and try a bit of everything, it's definitely worth your while!


700 Matara Road, Pelana, Weligama


Right on Weligama Beach. You can't miss the huge rectangular building that is Marriott.


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