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Willow Cafe

Jawatte Avenue, Colombo

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One of the best spots for eating healthy!

Right next to a gym and a fitness centre, lies Willow Cafe, tucked into a picturesque corner. A huge blackboard with their menu, a range of potted plants and a soothing picture of green vines adorns the area, creating a very welcome atmosphere. 

Cafe Willow specialises in smoothie bowl and smoothies: this in itself clearly outlines the area the customers they have their eyes on. If you're looking forward to eating healthy, this is definitely one of the spots you should try out.

Food & Drinks

The Cocoa Bowl (Rs. 560) we tried out was a concoction of dark chocolate, bananas and multiple other ingredients. Ranking amongst the more prettier bowls, it's also high in nutritional value and tastes absolutely fantastic. The taste of the banana nor the chocolate overpowers neither but resonates in perfect harmony, and we loved it!

We also went for the Green Bowl (Rs. 680). We're aware of how one would despise everything green,  but this smoothie bowl, of which the main base was the avocado, was a downright treat. The only issue was the slight bitter tinge that accompanied the avocado, but we assume this is due to the avocados not being ripe enough.

The Melon Fresh smoothie (Rs. 300) we treated ourselves to, was an instant winner. Watermelon, mango and ginger, it was greatly refreshing. Unfortunately, the mango taste wasn't as prominent as the rest, and the tinge of ginger was quite strong. Being a fan of ginger, we dare say it was quite solid.

The Green Goddess (Rs. 250) consisted of mint, spinach and orange, and it was quite relishing. The three ingredients came together in perfect unison to create a wonderful, healthy treat.

For all those who are intent on having great skin, the Carrot Rush (Rs. 600) must be your type. Carrots, apple, ginger, papaya and turmeric is used to create this mouthwatering concoction topped with a mint leaf. However, perhaps it was due to the mixing of so many ingredients, but no one prominent taste showed.

Service and Ambience

A little strip of land beautifully decorated to create a welcoming atmosphere, the Willow can accommodate a group of around 10 people at once. It's open from 6.30 am to 8.00 pm and is quite dimly lit at night. 

The staff are quite friendly and helpful with everything and would be only too glad to recommend any dishes that they might think would strike a note with you.


There're quite a few places out there who look to cater towards those who are looking to eat healthily, and we have to admit that Willow Cafe ranks amongst the top. The fact that they're smoothie bowls are quite filling and refreshing, definitely works in their favour, and their smoothies are comparatively cheap as well.


Jawatte Avenue, Colombo


Right next to Body Bar



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