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Wine World

Victorias Fine Wines & Spirits, 102 and 104, Kumaran Ratnam Road, Colombo 2

This online shop has a wide selection of beer, wine and liquor and the lowest prices you can get.

So it's a last minute farewell party at the office. Within a matter of hours, you have to finalise the venue, the gift, the food and drinks. Figuring out the food part should be really easy - you can just run to the nearest bakery, or place an order through a delivery platform, and you're sorted. 

However, the drinks part, more specifically, the alcoholic drinks - now that's a tricky one. Sure you can grab them from a supermarket, but given the tight schedule, it would be much, much hassle free if they're being delivered to your place. 

While planning a bon voyage party to one of our oldest, dearest colleagues, we went through the same thing. And our saving grace was the - a website that delivers alcoholic beverages to your doorstep. 

The Collection

Wine World has a range of wines (duh!) - red, white, rose and desert, which are imported from all corners of the world - Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, South Africa, and Spain etc.

The prices aren't exactly cheap, in comparison to what you would find at the Park Street Gourmet or WS23, but there's a whole bunch of wines that you can get under Rs. 2000, which they deliver to your doorstep. So it's a win-win.

The rest of the collection includes sparkling and champagne, spirits (Arrack, Brandy, Rum, Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Sake and Cognac etc.), and a bunch of beers and mixers, that you find in Sri Lanka. We spotted a few popular names while going through the site - Santa Margherita, Cono Sur, Glenfiddich, Rémy Martin, and Torres.

However, the local beer range has been disappeared from the site, and that collection is limited to just 2 imported products. Anyway, altogether, the number of products here exceeds 400. 

The Website Experience

The website experience is quite good. Everything is nicely categorised and listed under the tabs, and you can filter them according to your preferences -country, ABV, varietal region and price. 

They deliver to anywhere in Sri Lanka and the orders are entitled to a delivery fee. Ours was Rs. 275, to a delivery location in Nugegoda. 

72 hours - no matter where you are in Sri Lanka, that's all it takes to deliver through Wine World. If you live in Colombo, it takes only up to 48 hours. We placed our order in the morning, and we were provided with a tracking ID.

After like two hours, someone called, confirmed the address and voila - we got our bottles. Super impressive!

If you do not like to be kept waiting at home, simply go ahead with an order to pick up. The address of the pickup point is Victorias Fine Wines & Spirits, 102/104, Kumaran Ratnam Road, Colombo 2. It's open from 9 AM to 9 PM every day. 


Our experience with was really smooth. Their collection and the prices aren't so bad, and they deliver fast. If you're not too keen on going to a store to grab a bottle, this is a convenient option. You can do it through their app too! 


You need to be over 21 to order.


Victorias Fine Wines & Spirits, 102 and 104, Kumaran Ratnam Road, Colombo 2


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