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Without Borders


'Without Borders' aims to provide grass rooted, community driven solutions to a plethora of issues faced by diverse communities in Sri Lanka.

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity outside your comfort zone? Are you looking to teach, nurture and inspire young minds? Well then, perhaps you should get in touch with Without Borders

The Changing Classroom Project

Without Borders Sri Lanka runs a learning facility in Deraniyagala, Dangamapala , Kahanwita and Lassanamaga. The learning facilities have been in operation for the past two years. The organization focuses on three of the most in-demand skills needed which is language skills – English, Leadership and Leading Change and Creativity

While charity only meets the very present need, bringing long lasting transformation and change requires an ongoing effort. Like the Chinese proverb says “If you give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Which is what Without Borders attempts to do through all of their projects. Without Borders provides long-term solutions to end poverty in rural Sri Lanka through education. 

The Classroom Project is looking for English teachers to commit every Tuesday. To sign up go here

The Inspire Project

Would you like to be a catalyst to help bring to women who have been abused and traumatised? Not only in the healing and restoration of their inner being, but also in empowering these women to a life of purpose? If your answer is a resounding YES! The Inspire Project is looking for volunteers to do just this. Without Borders is vehemently passionate about young women who hail from circumstances of trauma and hardship. All they require is a nudge in the right direction. When connected with the right resources, skills and a strong support system, women from hard pasts have the potential to be the change in circumstances such as the ones they have been through.

Without Borders

Without Borders founded in 2014, is a social enterprise with a vision of empowering individuals and communities to become their best version of themselves through innovative education models. The learning centres offer a five staged curriculum focused on English, leadership, creativity and digital literacy. For more information on how you can connect to volunteer and donate contact:

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