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Wok To Box

25b, Nikape Road, Nedimala, Dehiwala

Excellent rice and noodles made from a wok and served in a box, literally.

Wok To Box, makes all of their dishes on a wok, and serves them in a box. They do some interesting noodle and rice varieties, which you can customise as you like, by mixing and matching the meats, sauces and toppings on the menu. 


Ordering from Wok To Box involves the following five steps.

1) Pick your base: rice (Basmathi or Samba) or noodles (egg noodles, rice noodles, wheat flour noodles or vermicelli) 

2) Choose the meat/seafood: they have a range of meats and seafood, including chicken, beef, prawn, cuttlefish, fish and eggs. You can pick a combo of two types of meat and/or seafood too.

3) Select the sauce: in here, you'll find mushroom sauce, dark soy with a touch of ginger, chilli garlic, kochchi & nai miris sauce, and Jaffna curry sauce.

4) Adjust the level of spiciness: they have four levels - Mellow, Fiery, Blazing and O.M.Flaming.G

5) Pick the toppings - fried onions, fried kankung or bean sprouts

*Pictured above: Cuttlefish Fried Rice (left), Beef Noodles (right)

We customised a Cuttlefish Fried Rice with the highest level of spiciness, Basmathi rice (Rs. 350), cuttlefish (Rs. 200), Jaffna curry sauce, and fried onions (Rs. 50).

Oh My Flaming God! When they say spicy, they're not kidding! I handle my spicy food well, so this is perfect for me, and yet it almost had me tearing up! 

The rice leant on the wet side, was rich with bits of cuttlefish, spring onions, cabbage, carrots and lots and lots of nai miris. There was a hint of Jaffna curry sauce, which was sort of overpowered by the nai miris content, but we didn't mind. 

Each bite was a burning sensation, really. The sweet fried onions helped to ease it up to some extent, but overall, it's spicy as heck. We highly suggest getting a sweet soda or something on the side to balance it out. 

My dinner partner customised this box of noodles - with egg noodles (Rs. 400), beef (Rs. 250), mushroom sauce and fried kankung (Rs. 50). He settled for the Blazing heat, which is just one level below the highest.

It was excellent as well. A tad oily, but tasted good, especially with that distinct wok-fried aroma. Plentiful with soft, albeit chewy beef, cabbage and egg, this noodles was spicy too, but at a tolerable level. 

Ambience & Service

Due to the pandemic, their main focus is now on the takeaway and delivery orders, but caters to dine-in as well, whenever there's any. The dine-in area is big and can easily accommodate about 20-25 people at a time.

They have an open kitchen, and it looked swamped during our visit. Despite that, the staff was happy to have us, and our food arrived within around 10 minutes. 


All in all, it was a filling, deliciously prepared meal under Rs. 1500 (for two). A solid dinner option, we must say, if you're in the vicinity of Dehiwala/Mount Lavinia. 

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