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A place where you can order Knorr recipes sets online, to make your own meals. is Knorr's recipe delivery website. Should you ever get the urge to concoct one of their recipes but don't have the right ingredients at home, this is your highly specific solution.

The Process's landing page is as simple and easy-to-navigate as it gets. On the left, you have a handful of recipes to select, and then on the right you fill out a little form with your contact details, when you want your order by, and voila, it's done.

After you confirm, you get a little pop-up which tells you that their delivery service is free for anywhere in Colombo, and to a few places quite out of the way, like Wattala, Thalawathugoda and Moratuwa.

Their delivery partner Direct2Door will call you, within a few minutes of your order being placed, to confirm it. We placed ours at around 4 PM on a Monday evening and said we wanted it delivered by 11 AM on Tuesday: and we got it about half an hour or so before that. I have to say they're quite efficient and friendly, and we weren't hassled with multiple phone calls for directions.

The Goods

You get the invoice and a bag full of groceries with each individual item neatly packaged. It contains kohila (duh), and specific portions of each ingredient as necessary for your selected dish; like 100g of beetroot and 250ml of vegetable oil, for instance.

The produce looks fresh and clean, so plus points for that! 

They've very thoughtfully included a printout of the recipe itself, should you have forgotten the instructions are available online, so you can get straight down to cooking.


The ordering system is convenient and efficient, which is what you'd want from a delivery service. Zero hassle, cash on delivery. It's a smooth process, and we'd recommend it, especially if you're not a confident cook yet!


Order at least 4 hours ahead of time

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