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Yasmin's Cafe

477, Thalawathugoda Road, Madiwela, Kotte

A cosy dessert parlour in Thalawathugoda.

Yasmin Cafe is the cosiest corner of all Thalawathugoda. With ice cream, cakes, brownies, waffles and a range of drinks, they fill up the void of one of the most anticipated needs in the area - a dessert parlour. 


They serve Carino ice cream here, and a scoop of them is priced at Rs. 300 and Rs. 400 (depends on the variety). We tried three flavours - Parline & Crème (Rs. 300), Decadent Chocolate (Rs. 300) and Vanilla Fudge Brownie (Rs. 400).

Vanilla-like ice cream doesn't really float my boat but this Parline & Crème sure did. It's like a crunchy vanilla - that comes with bits of cashew and almonds embedded in its creamy, smooth texture. 

Staying true to its name, the Decadent Chocolate was decadently chocolaty. It's a heaven for anyone who loves chocolate flavoured ice cream. We had it topped off with some crushed nuts, which added an extra kick to it. 

If you think vegan ice creams are no good, you really should try this Vanilla Fudge Brownie ice cream. With a rich, silky texture, to the point that we cannot quite differ it from the rest, it had chunks of fudge brownie, adding a lovely chocolaty note. 

Their cakes are from The Chocolate Factory and we got a slice of the ever so popular Carrot Cake (Rs. 550). 

It was excellent. Fluffy, moist and wonderfully spongy, everything was held together well by the crown of sweet frosting. The flavour was further improved by the tiny bits of carrot, fruits and nuts in the mix. 
They do waffles too, mainly sweet, but also a couple of savoury. We opted for the latter, a Chicken Waffle (Rs. 500). The waffle itself was soft, had a slight crisp, but the middle part of it was completely sogged up due to chicken topping. 

However, it was flavoursome. They use minced chicken here - well seasoned and mixed in with a heap of shredded cheese, a sprinkle of chilli flakes, and a handful of chopped up coriander leaves. 


In terms of drinks, Yasmin's Cafe does coffee and milkshakes. We ordered one from each - Cappuccino (Rs. 320) and Pistachio Almond Milkshake (Rs. 650).

The Cappuccino was strong, but also a tad bitter, and the milk wasn't velvety was we anticipated. 

At Yasmin's, you can pick any of their ice cream flavours and get a milkshake done with it. Our Pistachio Almond Milkshake had the ice cream to milk ratio on point, which created this refreshing, nutty, milky flavour ensemble.

Ambience & Service 

Perched on the first floor of Masterpieces showroom, the ambience here includes some colourful, cushy furniture that makes the whole place so vibrant and comfy. It's an ideal option for a cosy hangout, and even to get some work done in a calm, peaceful setting.

The hostess and the server were absolutely friendly and welcoming. They'd make sure to make recommendations and will keep you company, if you need any.


A must try, if you've got a sweet tooth, or in the mood for something sweet, with the most tasteful ambience. 

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