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Yacht Cabin (Global Towers Hotel)

Global Towers Hotel, 11, Station Avenue, Marine Drive, Wellawatta, Colombo 06

A budget restaurant with fine food and nice view.

Yacht Cabin is a restaurant run by Global Towers Hotel. Even though they advertise themselves as a pastry shop, they have a buffet and a range of items on their menu that will provide you with a proper meal at a decent price.

Food & Drinks

As stated above, they don’t offer a whole bunch of pastries except for a very few items. However, almost making up for that, their menu is full with a good selection - from soups, salads, hoppers and even kottu. 

We went with a Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup (Rs. 300), Seafood Nasi goreng (Rs. 700) along with an Orange Juice (Rs. 400).

Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup came to us piping hot in a decently sized bowl. There were plenty of chicken pieces swimming in the soup that provided a good meaty flavour to the broth. The sweetness of the corn came through nicely while the abundance of egg whites coupled with some colourful bits of carrot and leeks added so much flavour and texture to it.

The soup was on the salty side, but not annoyingly so, which helped us enjoy this to the last spoonful. 

The fried egg grabbed our eyes first with the Seafood Nasi which was served with a helping of chilli paste. There was a lot of seafood mixed in, along with pieces of carrots and leeks, and had some good seasoning bringing it to the spicy side. 

It did feel a tad oily, but we didn't mind as there was a nice balance between the elements, making the meal filling and enjoyable. The portion size is enough for two, unless you are super hungry.

Our dessert was a Watalappan (Rs. 150 for small). It was less sweet than expected but didn’t stop us from enjoying it. There were a few cashews on top that didn’t do much but we were thankful that we didn’t get interrupted by cardamoms that you'd usually encounter in most watalappans. 

There was no pulp in the Orange juice but the texture of the fruit was present with the flavour. The drink was delightfully refreshing and wasn’t too sweet, which we liked. 

Service & Ambience

We got our food on time and the waitstaff treated us with smiles all throughout the meal. They were never too far away for our inquiries and the service was prompt.

The place was clean but felt a tad bit crammed up. Still, they somehow managed to arrange the seating where you can sit comfortably. With enough space to hold around 20 - 25 diners at a time, you can enjoy the view of the sea if you manage to grab a seat facing it. 


Yacht Cabin has a buffet of rice and curry going every day as we were told. Coupled with that, if you are in the area with a friend or your family, wanting to grab a full meal for a decent price this place is a good option. 


Evenings are much lovely here.


Global Towers Hotel, 11, Station Avenue, Marine Drive, Wellawatta, Colombo 06


Located right in the middle of KFC, Marine Drive and Global Towers Hotel.



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