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ZY cuppies Màcaroons


Pretty macaroons and beautiful cupcake toppings, with a cartload of sugar.

ZY cuppies Màcaroons is a home baker who makes eye-candy. We ordered a set of macarons and cupcakes. 

Food and Delivery

We have mixed emotions about this one. The items were wonderfully packaged and delivered by a very friendly tuk person, and we think it's perfect for kiddies parties and such.

The macarons have great texture and are are baked to perfection; ergo: they're really visually appealing.

They're also incredibly sweet. All of us at work tried it, but found it way too sweet for any of our preferences. The pink one tasted a bit like strawberry Mentos though, so go for that if you love the mint.

The cupcakes were regular buttercakes which is a bit of a bummer, because the toppings look pretty awesome (as in, you'd expect it to be a richer cake to go with the topping).

Beautifully presented again, but too sweet for our liking. Common consensus was that it's most definitely for people with a strong sweet tooth.


A bit too sweet (no pun intended) for our liking, but each to their own. 20 pieces of macarons were 1300, and the six cupcakes were 700 bucks, which is pretty reasonable!




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Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 1000

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Home Baker

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