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To be honest, Burger King do not meet the customer expectorations. We pay price and the quality is zero, I can recall my memory on the start-up days of BK - SL and still I dont think we eat burgers @ BK-SL, Plus just like other franchised partners just as they do, BK-SL has forgotten the business that they entered, Saw "King Rice" product and feel "Sri Lankan Buriyani transition Hurricane" already blow BK-SL also. Good Luck !!

Burger King (Colpetty) 7 years ago

As seen this new post on 30/12/2013 I was anticipated to see this place soon as its closer to me even though I do not travel to Ragama.
Had unplanned visit to Thewatha National Basilica following day (31/12/2013), And I wanted to hunt this place and see how good it is! So I was reaper watching everything without getting notice by any.
So let me add and make some suggestions and review all 3 at once.

**Suggestions & Clarity on Location*** : The place is own by "Sons n Bakers" however it goes "Sisira Bakers". The place is exactly in front of the Railway Station.
(You could see big cut-out with Burgers and Submarine displayed, it’s the exact place…
The place next to Leesons private hospital, it is branded as "Sons n Bakers" but both are under same management (guess) but nothing to do with Burgers and Submarine,
So if you go to that just like me you would require reverting back to "Sisira Bakers” in front of the Railway Station.

**Review** :

> Customer Care: 4/5 Stars (The guys work there keen concern on Customer and theyare friendly, it’s not traditional type typical bakery)
> Cleanse: 3/5 Stars (Still meet my expectations, Visible on what they do and Nothing untidy I seen compared to "Street Burger Shops"**)
> Variety: 3/5 Stars (They have thick standard products, Time along the way I expect they will have variety, Not intention to discourage but motivate)
> Taste and Contain: 4/5 Stars
(The Chick-Burger paddy was fried chicken pieces but its nice compared to “Chicken Wada Kotiyai’s Burger” this guys try to meet the expectations of real burger… Suggest if they could add fried egg and rest is complete, Rich with tomato and onion and cheese slice any way / Chick-Submarine was rich and healthy with Chicka and Vegi contain instead of classical Mayonnaise floating Submarines)
> Value for Money: 5/5 Stars (I purchased Chick-Burger Rs180 and Chick-Sub Rs280, It is really worth.)

Overall I’m pleased with the stuff I tried and soon will try the chicken bucket also in future, So when you read you might feel I’m critic yes I do, I wanted to experience on not only taste but variety of some limited aspects and of course pulling the bar up!
Feel free to comment !!

[** If someone is embraced on that comment feel free to ask the example "Street Burger shops"]

Sisira Bakers 7 years ago