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Sooo good. I didn't even want to share. Best baklava I've had ❤️

Just Baklava 2 years ago

Agreed ? I'm in love with Baklava. It's soo yum ❤️

Just Baklava 2 years ago

Try the amarena black cheery is quite good. Love the passion fruit ice cream… you'll get goosebumps while eating… LOL.

Pedlar's Inn Gelato (Galle) 6 years ago

Skrumptious brownies are the best brownies ever…… :)

Skrumptious 6 years ago

Love the ambiance of this place and the food is all right too… However, juices are not worth it all, because it might come in a big glass but there's too much water in it.

Pedlar's Inn Cafe 6 years ago

Try the mutton fried rice… Amazing!! Should visit Yaal at the proper lunch hour, otherwise they do not serve what's mostly in their menu.

Yaal Restaurant 6 years ago

Arthur's is a place that I would recommend to everyone. Love their 'meat kalawam', it's full of meat… However, the 'Nai miris' is not spicy at all. It has a different taste bust still it needs to be really spicy. I honestly didn't mind the cheese. For me it was bit oily, however, I love that the crust of the pizza is thin and we get more meat and cheese on it.
Tried the chocolate biscuit pudding. It's good, with a hint of cinnamon in it. Although would love if it has more cocoa taste.

Arthur's Pizza 6 years ago

Crab is so juicy and full of meat. I didn't like the ambiance and the seating there. However, I forgot all about that once I had the Crab and Fried fish, mutton curry and the omelette… amazing food!!

Mayura Hotel 6 years ago

Hot chocolate and the Passion victoria are amazing. When I went there, the place was very clean and the staff is very friendly. Had high tea another day and it was pretty cute too. Some Sri Lankans may not like the taste of lime and passion cheesecake but it is divine. I would suggest to include more spicy food to the high tea, because Sri Lankans love spicy food and then only the sweets come…. :)

English Cake Company 6 years ago